Monday 19 September 2016

September so far

Sepember so far. I have a new part time job at a local farm where they produce beautiful yarn from their goats and sheep The sheep like to keep an eye on me to make sure I am doing everything properly. "No sheep, I never make your yarn into terrible tangles........ of course not........"

The yarn dances around on these swifts looking like a circus field of carousels, and is measured onto the winder where it becomes lovely soft and squishy skeins. So soft. Such wonderful colours. I must learn to knit better so I can actually use some of it.....

The children are back at school. It is Miss K's last year. How is that possible? It was surely only a few weeks ago that were buying her first ever school shoes... Now we are overwhelmed with UCAS applications or apprenticeships or ??? E has to start thinking about A level choices or college applications or ???

Faced with the responsibility of such impossible parenting we did the only thing possible.
Sent them to stay with friends for the weekend and ran away.....

Thursday 1 September 2016


ok, so let's gloss over the 2 month absence and look at some lovely August happenings, list courtesy of Hawthorn Spellweaver.

eye -  I may be little but I'm watching you....

feet - my feet are a bit scary....

button - a button like flower? happily growing in my garden. along with the nettles and the creeping buttercups..... which sound pretty, but trust me, you don't want them.....

something handmade - well I made these skeins, and I made the most incredible tangle in the process. does that count?

green - the lakeland fells, as seen whilst supervising a Queen's guide expedition. So green. So beautiful. And in case you're wondering, that water - So cold...... also pond weed. and possibly a lake shark....

glass - sweetie jars in an old fashioned shop on the Yorkshire coast that would be well suited to a home on Diagon Alley. (Harry Potter fans will understand....)

floor - the paths at Saltburn are embellished with fossils, Huge ones!

blue - skies above Whitby Abbey. We were so lucky with the weather this year. Glorious.

Favourite - my favourite holiday destination. We've been to the same cottage for 8 years now, I checked in the visitors book.

my choice - the view from Holy Island. or lack thereof. Still gorgeous.

August you were lovely. xxx