Sunday 10 February 2013

looking back at walks in the snow

thankyou for all the kind words on my last post. I am sure that the week ahead will be a little calmer.....
I realised that one of the things I was struggling with was that I wasn't able to get out for a walk.

So I consoled myself by looking at photos taken when the snow and ice were here.

This road down to the ford was a sheet of ice, I stuck to the muddy edges for safety here!

obligatory feet shot, I should have taken it where the snow was deep!

Up on the back lane the snow drifts were quite impressive!

and I wasn't the only one who was out for a walk!

which reminds me, thanks for all the slipper recommendations x

Friday 8 February 2013

recently random

extremely random things I have learnt recently.

When uploading new software needed for new job onto ancient laptop Do Not start at 8.30pm thinking it won't take long. You will end up watch a film in which people are chased by mummies and then another film in which escaped prisoners are chased by Tommy Lee Jones. You will eventually go to bed at 2am and be no good for anything the next day.

When you are learning things for new job write Everything down. you will think you will remember the easy little things, like what lives in what file. but you won't. because your head is full of a million new things and you won't even remember to drink your tea before it goes cold.

When you have to do training for new job, that is the time youngest child will get struck down with a killer abdominal migraine. When you finally get him back to school 3 days later he will get sent home again because he has bumped his head on the table.... So relieved this job is from home.

I started sewing lavender fish again. I forgot how much I like making them. Expect to see lots of fish photos soon.

I need to load new photo software onto the computer. I will NOT start late at night.

It has been GSCE choices this week. This has not been a good time.  Way too stressful.

When you are desperate for something quick for dinner then smoked salmon mousse balls reduced enormously at the end of the day make a surprisingly delicious pasta sauce that everyone eats. How bizarre is that.

I need to buy some new slippers. my feet are always cold. recommendations please.

when you are feeling rubbish twitter has the answer, not smarties.