Tuesday 5 January 2016

Fairy lights and flower sprouts

With the assistance of a willing helper all the Christmas decorations are down. 

Well all except the lights that is. It is so dark and grey and gloomy I may never take those down. The vase of lights may become a permanent addition, the kitchen window lights certainly will be up for a few more months, and I'm very tempted to keep the festive twig for a few more weeks at least.

There was some leftover bubbly so I had to drink some as a reward for tidying the studying and finding a clear desk surface for the first time in months.... I realised after drinking it that I'd been going to do "dry January" but there are celebrations at the end of the month that will need marking, so I shall do "dry February" instead. Also February has less days........... 

To counteract the alcohol the prettiest green leafy vegetables you ever did see.

Flower sprouts. Who knew such a thing existed?