Friday 15 August 2014

random things summer holidays week 4

a quiet week in which several books are read,  siblings forget how to get along, and the "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" rule needed some refreshing.........

it was also a week of not enough cake, no early morning crafting - very remiss, of watching old favourite movies and old episodes of Dr Who as there is increasing excitement of the approaching new series.

a week of hairstyles as Miss K experimented with a curling wand, watching her get in a tangle trying to learn how to twist the hair round, whilst being confused by looking in the mirror was too funny for words, in the end I let her practise on me. I looked like a poodle by the end of it, lots of bonkers curls all going in different directions.............

a week of sorting out, of planning, of list writing, of making piles, of getting a suitcase to pack and finding there's a cat sleeping in it...........

ahead of us there are familiar places to visit, family traditions to uphold, new places to explore, family to see, friends to meet.

I'm taking some time off, I'll be back in a few weeks to catch up. x

Sunday 10 August 2014

random things summer holidays week 3

week three of the holidays. 

I discovered that the quiet time in the mornings between J leaving for work and the teenagers dragging themselves out of bed is not for getting laundry done, or planning meals or heaven forbid housework. 
no, it is the time to squirrel yourself away and pull out fabric that you dyed years and years ago on a course, but never used, mostly because you bought calico to dye as it was cheap and then discovered that you don't like sewing with it, as it's a bit stiff and crumply....
it is the time to cut strips and sew them back together, and to experiment with wriggling lines and eek out the purple to make a border. One new picnic blanket ready to go away with us soon.

In other news we've been failing to spot film crews, despite the fact that town seems to be full of them as Downton Abbey is being filmed on location here at the moment and even the high school has been used as a venue. We did see evidence of the fake snow left on the pavements though.

We took a train and went to stay at my parents for a few nights. There's something about train travel that makes me feel like I'm on holiday, the excitement of going to new places, or rediscovering old favourites. Given the choice of all the attractions and museums that the city had to offer the children chose to go and spend time in the newly refurbished favourite bookshop.  
I didn't complain.

The week ahead will be all about list writing and getting organized. 
There are trips planned and places to go.
 I must remember to add picnic blanket to the list.

Tuesday 5 August 2014

special guests.

introducing the special guests. this is blossom.

and this is toffee.

both the children been asking for piggies for ages. having these two for weeks whilst their owners go on holiday is a compromise.
things I have learnt so far.

  • the cats are very intrigued. they sit and watch guinea pig tv. 
  • I sit and watch to be sure they're not in any danger............
  • you can sit and watch guinea pigs for ages, despite the fact that they don't do very much!
  • guinea pigs make cute little purring noises, when you give them hay, or cucumbers. 
  • they leave carrot till last. a bit like the children then.
  • E is allergic to guinea pigs. he sneezes and his eyes puff up. a lot..............

Sunday 3 August 2014

random things summer holidays week 2

week two of the school holidays included the end of July, looking back I can I photographed lots of flowers, that end of term features quite prominently, and we had the most wonderful evening at the beach.

this was a quiet week. books, hiding inside from the hot weather, easy strawberry ice cream, making more you tube videos, watching the commonwealth games, sneaking in some sewing whilst everyone was sleeping and getting ready for some special guests, I'll introduce you to them soon.

Happy August!