Sunday 25 September 2011

great british bake off

my children have a new favourite tv program. and it's not a children's show. and whilst normally I would be worrying about adult content, or language, or educational value, or violence or all the other things there are to think about in a tv show, this time I am mostly concerned about my waistline....

the Great British Bake Off, it is a bad influence in this house.............

Friday 16 September 2011

reasons to love blogging

reasons to love blogging no. 1
half way through cooking dinner whilst chaos abounds in the kitchen with children doing homework, and pleading starvation, it is perfectly normal to have to stop everything, go and find the camera and take a photograph.

because the oh so green beans on the pink chopping board made me smile admidst the madness, and I thought they might make you smile too.

tell me some more reasons to love blogging, and have a lovely weekend x

Monday 5 September 2011

rainy day bunny

Summer. Northumberland. Weather = variable.
occasional - blazing sun, guaranteed to turn fair English skins into lobsters in no time.
mostly - grey
often - Wet, very wet........

but that's ok. Wet days allow for a slower pace of holidaying, we don't feel we need to rush around experiencing things, there is time to play, sort out, find hidden treasures, and unfinished projects.

like the much needed repair of bunny no. 5.

bunny is Miss K's wheat bag.
he was mine when I was pregnant with Miss K and he has had many repairs.
bunnies no. 3 and and no. 4 are detailed here.
Bunny no. 5 spent too long in the microwave and got very burnt. in fact he stank. terribly. drastic measures were needed. normal bunny repairs consist of a new coat for bunny, and a transfer of ears, tales and insides. This time new insides were needed, and they were purchased (quite some time ago) but there were delays, the trauma of a total bunny refit takes a while to get used to. Bunnie's new outfit needs to be chosen and decisions about saving ears (no good, burnt smell wouldn't wash out) must be made.

Eventually though, bunny no. 6 is created. he is totally new, bunny no. 5 was used as a template and then said goodbye to..... bunny no. 6 has a lovely flannel back, and a towelling tummy, new linseed insides and a towelling tail. He is nice and floppy and soft. and smells nice.

I asked Miss K if she was ok that bunny was totally new, and there was none of old bunny left.

"yes, of course, it's fine, he has regenerated - bunny is a time lord!"

Saturday 3 September 2011

August hunting.

The August scavenger hunt took me a bit by suprise, in the summer holidays I have a hard enough time working out what day of the week it is, let alone the date.
what do you mean it's September already.
how did that happen?
so I am few photos short, and several of them are a bit far fetched.... oh well.

picnic, we picniced here. really we did. I just didn't photograph the food before we ate it all. a sport. what do you mean - isn't river rafting on an old pallet an Olympic sport yet. well it should be, it's very entertaining. especially as a spectator!

a boat - a lifeboat, and a fountain.

fabric, E's quilt, something bizzare - ferret racing - it's true!

some thing ancient - fossils on the beach, and ooops more fabric, I had a mountain photo, I was really pleased with it, it vanished.........

what can I say. must try harder.