Tuesday 10 August 2010

important packing

we're going on a trip tomorrow, and I need to pack.
train tickets.
theatre tickets
stadium tickets
a picnic
extra snacks....... (can't risk running out of cake!)
and other very useful things.

but most important of all I need to pack my new socks
well I need something to do on the train.
as well as listening to the inevitable "are we there yet?"

back soon, have fun while I'm away.

what do you pack when you go away?


  1. Ooh that little song that little people sing so well! 'Are we there yet?!!' ah, I have to take something hooky with me when I go away, that and a nice book - and a fineliner and my little moleskine, just in case inspiration strikes!

    Have a wonderful trip yourself!

    Love Julia x x x

  2. Earplugs lol --- hope you have a lovely time

  3. I usually bring a book, which I rarely get to read nowadays, and a notebook for sketching/writing thoughts & quotes down.

    Enjoy your trip. Hope you'll get a lot of knitting done.

  4. iPod.

    and a book in case the iPod runs out of battery.

  5. Camera, wine gums and comics to through over to the back seat.

    Thanks for lovely commments over on mine. Have fun, Ax

  6. I bring an ipod, a book, and usually some knitting or some crossword puzzles.
    My nephew's twist on "are we there yet?" is "How many more miles are left?" and "guess what the gps says."

  7. Pretty much everything but the kitchen sink! Enjoy yourselves. x

  8. Hope you guys have a great time. My kids do this whole bit from Disney's Incredibles:
    "Are we there yet?"
    "We'll get there when we get there!"

    "Honey, how you doin'?"
    "Do I have to answer?"

    And they do that whole thing over and over and over until I wish they would just ask, "Are we there yet?" :)

  9. iPod, camera, something yarn-y.

    And a pair of Marigolds and a sharp knife if we're self-catering - I can't bear washing up without gloves and am demented if there is a drawer full of blunt knives!

  10. As little as possible but always the camera and a book. have a good time away.

  11. Have a super time! And really *must* learn to knit socks so I can pack them in my traveling bag... K x

  12. oh hope you have a lovely time, cant wait to see your socks I had to unpick mine the heel wouldn't work, anyway they're turning into a nice lace scarf now! take care, fliss xxx

  13. I want to marry your socks. Are they available?

    I can't do without baby wipes. I'm afraid the potty has to come everywhere too at the moment.

    I loved your village show post, and those blue biscuits. I felt the lego heartbreak.

  14. LOVE your sock yarn... Have a wonderful time! :o) ((HUGS))

  15. Couldn't possibly sit on a train and not have something to do with the hands. Have a good journey

  16. After this year's "summer" holiday - a full set of waterproofs!


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