Monday, 13 September 2010


with the children back into school, and laundry mountain under control (for now....) I have finally found some time. time to enjoy the contents of a swap parcel from Dawn, I love it, and the red wool is oh so soft, I need to find the perfect project for it.

time to do a few more rounds of my socks (they grew this far on the train to London and back and haven't since...........)

time to discover hexagons. such fun. there will never be enough for a blanket, but maybe the tiniest cushion in the world. xox

time to rediscover my sewing machine, and play, just because.

time to catch up on some blogging, I've missed everyone, and it's good to visit.
but now it will soon be time for the house to be filled again, with noisy hungry children,
time to make a quick batch of cookies I think.


  1. That sewing- is it REALLY yours? I have spent the best part of a Smaller free morning desperately trying to sew up a Clothkits dress and SCREAMING at my sewing machine. Bad workman ALWAYS blames his (her) tools. And you. You go and post about sewing FOR FUN. Darn you and your gorgeous collages Missus. Good to have you back and I hope those cookies are scoffed fast. LOL Ax

  2. Hello again!
    Good to see someone else getting on the hexagon love thang!
    Love the machine stitching too!

  3. I had plans for a morning of fun sewing. Somehow or other it got to 45 minutes before school pickup and I hadn't done any. Odd how that happens .

  4. I'm not quite at the relaxed stage yet - a couple of years to go, but I do get your reconnection with all the joys of home life with the kids being back at school.


    Nina xxx

  5. I'm enjoying my 2 being back @ school - a mix of boring domestic stuff but plenty of cooking & crafting thrown in :)

  6. I'm just making the most of this week - 2hrs tomorrow , 3 hours a day for the rest of the week and that's all I get . Love the boat and the flowers ...

  7. hello-ello. Love what you've been up to (not the laundry part though), especially that wonderful embroidery, clever girl x

  8. Nice to get back to some kind of 'normal' routine, isn't it. Still, if I had all the time in the world, I couldn't sew like that. Beautiful!

  9. Love the socks. I'm working up some of the same hexies...But like you said, I'm not sure there will ever be enough for a blanket.

  10. How lovely you have been able to dip into so many different creative endeavours and how even lovelier that you had a swap parcel to encourage you!!

    Have a great rest of the week.


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