Thursday, 4 November 2010

Silverpebbles splash of colour - post 1

feeling a little lacking in colour?

the prospect of winter making you feel blue?

Emma has the solution. a winter splash of colour.

so here is my first contribution. these flowers were a treat for me from J, they smell amazing, and the sight of them makes me so content. the lillies are up very high , so the cats don't get pollen on them, and I keep pinching out the stamens. must do this one....

and I couldn't do justice to the incredible colour of this rose, if there's more light tomorrow I'll try again.

and a bit of bright buttony goodness, I've been having lots of fun with these x

but if the gloomy damp weather is really driving you mad you could always take some advice from Freddie
"find something colourful and then sleep on it"


  1. Every morning I am supremely jealous of my dog snuggled in the blankets asleep while I'm getting ready for work. Especially today where it's rainy and gray.

  2. Right, how did Faberge get hold if that plastic duck? It's beautiful!

    Flowers. Flowers are very very good. I'm going back to look at them again.

    You're a star for joining in. Truly.

  3. It's not damp here, but the light is very weird indeed. It's like the light you get before it snows - but that's highly unlikely since it's about 16 degrees here!

    Actually, now it's nearly dark so I am telling fibs about the light, but it was weird half an hour ago, honest.

  4. Love the rubberduckrubberduck. I'm going to join in this colour malarkey too. Soon.

    Hope all's well. Don't be too gloomy, Eeyore. There is still lots to smile about in the grey and damp. Like flowers. Ax

  5. I was going to join the Emmas splash of colour but at the minute I don't know if I'm coming or going , the words blue and fly spring to mind. Love the lily pic :-)

  6. Are you training to be a nurse? I was just wondering about the excellent mummification in the first photo. Either that or it's Egyptian week at school!!!!

  7. It is strange, but over here (in London) the weather is getting warmer every day, the skies are blue and there is so much colour thanks to the autumn leaves. Yellow & orange look so bright against blue sky.

  8. You've never looked better, Ms. T! And I love your posies... xoxo

  9. Gorgeous rubber duckie- I neeeed one of those. I need some colour too- so fed up of undercoating grey =O( - lovely photos =O)

  10. I'm with Freddie on this one - want to hibernate until Spring! Love the button brooch.

  11. Lovely photos. Lillies are one of my favourite flowers.I'm tempted to join in..... we have such beautiful coloured trees here just now although since yesterday they are rapidly losing their leaves.
    Have a great weekend.


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