Monday 25 October 2010

brooch decisions - advice needed.

I need a bit of help today. I've been asked to have a stall at a fundraising evening. and I'm panicking about having things to sell. I decided it would be a good idea to have some small inexpensive things and set about making some brooches. or in truth I set about making some tangled messes, and then some brooches. the ones above need adorning with something.

these ones have a button.

and these ones which are works in progress as well can't decide whether they'd like buttons or beads, or sparkly glass marbles (glued on probably - if it works???)

what do you think? do you think people will buy them? how much do you think I should charge? which ones do you like best? which adornments are the best do you think?

sorry for being so demanding, help yourself to a cookie in return. they really are very good. Monica has the recipe. but a word of warning. they don't last long................... xxx


  1. Buttons always do it for me...I especially like the brooches in the second pic!

  2. I like the ones in the second photo too. I'm hopeless at putting a price on anything, but I'm sure they will sell.

    Thanks for the cookie :)

  3. hello! I like the autumnal colours of the ones in the second piccie with the buttons in the middle. Not crazy about glass beads (sorry!)We sell similar ones at work (a customer makes them and we sell them with proceeds to charity) she sells them for £3 each. Good stocking fillers!

  4. These look fab I really like them, and even better it's for a good cause! I like the idea of putting something sparkley on them. How about some colourful wooden beads?
    :) Sarah

  5. I like the ones on the third picture. Maybe have both - buttons and beads, so people can choose whatever one they prefer?

  6. I always love a brooch of some kind - love the fabric ones and I would have to say buttons always make a nice addition.

    Have fun,

    Nina xxx

  7. Lots of people love buttons so I bet they would be popular.
    Thanks for the cookie - very tasty!

  8. Got to be buttons - reminds people of playing with grannies button tin when they were younger.

    My favourite is the pinky/purple yarn one - have purple love thing at the moment.

    Oh cookies for breakfast - yummy :)

  9. I, too, like the ones with buttons but it is always good to have a choice of things as we are all different. £3.50 might be a good starting point but how difficult it is to price stuff that you have made! Hope it is a lot of fun and that you get lots of orders for more!!!

  10. I like the second lot of brooches but I am sure the others will sell too! The biscuits do look good.

  11. Love the loopy woolly ones. Don't ask me about pricing though, I have No Clue.

    Hope you sell them all!

  12. I like the ones in the bottom pic best and am sure they will sell. Have given up trying to work out why different people like different things ... presumably cos we're all different! Good luck!

  13. I know nothing about brooch embellishment and even less about pricing, but I would REALLY, REALLY like six or eight of those cookies.

    I'm even drooling a little, although maybe that's just my dementia kicking in...

  14. Love the first purply/pinky one if it doesn't sell give me a shout. I'm voting for buttons too. I have no clue how much you should sell them for- I'm rubbish! Do I get half a cookie for saying buttons though?

  15. Buttons are very " In " at the mo & have to be easier than sewing beads. I wear my felt brooch a blogger friend sent me on my jacket all the time.
    Not good at pricing - sorry. These are lovely & I hope they sell well

  16. The aqua one in the lower picture with a cluster of little beads inside is just gorgeous - it's my favourite. I would buy it in a flash!

    The cookies. Oooh the cookies. Like Lynn, I'm drooling just a tiny bit.

    Thanks SO much for your contribution to the flickr pool. Just wonderful.

  17. The buttons work well for these little brooches, I think, they draw the whole design together, and you can pick just the right button for each one making them unique.The colours are lovely.
    I might be a bit late with my comment - maybe those yummy cookies have all gone???
    Helen x

  18. Love the colours in the bottom right hand one in the second picture. Sure to sell, they're such fun! Definitely buttons.

    (Sorry talking with my mouth full of cookies...!)


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