Friday, 8 October 2010

knitting stalker?

on the way to school

E: "what are you doing today mummy?"

me: "I'm having a coffee with a lady I met on a knitting website"

Miss K: "you're not supposed to meet up with people from the internet"

told off about internet safety by my 11 year old......

in order to keep safe we are meeting in a public place, and I've told someone where and when.
and now I've told you.
just in case......

I don't think axe murderers pose as knitters on ravelry. but you never know. I'll let you know x

edited to add:
it's ok, not an axe murderer, but I was prepared, I had my sock needles at the ready...


  1. I've had similar conversations with my boys. Especially when we had the bloggy meetup in the summer - AND I was going with friend who's also a blogger.

    Is good to know our children listen to the advice given at school though.

  2. It is very hard to explain to my children when I meet up with online friends. I rather doubt anyone would really go to the trouble of inventing a complex knitting and crocheting and jewellery making persona in order to meet a terminally untrendy, middle aged, porky crafting mum like me, but I suppose you never can tell!

  3. Are you knitting with her? Because you'll have needles for protection :)

  4. Ha love it ! I've now met two bloggers in " real life " and lived to tell the tale !

  5. Hi Tess , just found your blog, its great will be visiting often!!!!

  6. I had a conversation like that with my Dad though I was the one getting told off... I was also glad that my meeting didn't involve an axe murder!

  7. Ha ha this is great love it!
    Well dont to your young one she is obviously more internet savvy than a lot of us haha :D x

  8. THANK GOD YOU'RE SAFE. (tee-hee)

    Hope you had fun... xoxo


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