Tuesday 14 December 2010

spiral crochet scarf tutorial

This spiral crochet scarf is so easy I am relying on it to solve all my last minute gift dramas.

so far I have made three - purple, red and lilac. it works in any yarn, just use a crochet hook that suits. I've used lacy/ribbon yarn, cotton and oh so soft cashmere, and one of the my friends at knitting this morning was making one in Aran wool that looked amazing, and grew super fast!

make a LONG chain. you'll need about 200 - 230 chains, depending on how long you want it. remember that as it curls it will shorten a bit.

count in 3 stitches from the hook (these will form the turning chain) and treble crochet into the next chain. now do TWO treble crochets into each chain until you reach the end.

make a turning chain of 3 stitches and repeat row one, doing TWO trebles into each stitch until you reach the end.

you can do a third row if you like, repeating the same pattern as above.

or just sit and admire the spirally delights the pattern creates.
beware this is a very addictive pattern. let me know if you make one, I'd love to see. xxx

PS. this is in English crochet - an English treble (tr) is an American double (dc)


  1. Ooooh, pretty. I know someone who would like one of those very much ...

  2. Oooo - I like those. Very fancy.
    I've been busy knitting 3 Xmas scarves as I can't crochet (yet).

  3. Please speak in english next time you post... Ax

  4. By the way, is it just me or can anyone else not find drifties advent post???

  5. I've been making wrist warmers like there is no tomorrow , think I'm on to pair 10 now !!

  6. I'm nearly finished on a purple one. How do you manage to do them so quickly? My one seems to have taken ages...

  7. Crikey - you make it sound so easy! I would make a big mess, I just know it. Yours is lovely.

  8. I've been away from blogland too long. What lovely things I see here and thanks so much for the tutorial.
    Do hope you are keeping warm and cosy. We are minus 5 here today!!


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