Wednesday, 15 December 2010

the advent calendar

every morning when the advent calendars are opened the children tell me what they have inside.

Miss K: "I've got a bell"

E: "I've got a flux capacitor"

me: "are you sure it's not a Christmas pudding?"

the evidence has been eaten so now we'll never know.


  1. Hi Tess
    I've recently discovered your blog it is lovely.
    I'm not sure what made me laugh the most - thinking it was a flux capacitor or that in a child's world it could have some relevance to Christmas!

  2. We can't tell what our chocolate items are meant to be. They all look like squashed holly.

  3. I've been mean and not given in to chocolate this year. And they only have one calendar to share.
    I think it was a flux capacitor. Seems to go nicely with frankingold, fur and the baby cheeses...

  4. "I have a bird, mummy" - No 3
    "It's not a bird, it's Mary " - No 1
    "you can call girls 'bird' so that's ok" - No 2

    I didn't know what to say to that...


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