Sunday, 5 August 2012

check list

rock buns baked - check
tea bread baked - check - I blame Laura for my addiction to tea bread........
sock knitting packed - check - sock knitting on the beach is traditional
fossil identification book packed - check
plans to visit some seriously impressive Olympic yarn bombing made - check

looks like we're ready for a few days away
and this year I don't even mind if it rains everyday, then we'll just watch the olympics, except then I had better remember to pack a box of tissues, the emotions are running so high, I just can't describe it.
back soon


  1. Enjoy your hols dear Tess.

  2. Hooray for teabread, hooray for yarn bombing, hooray for knitting on the beach! Perfect recipe for a happy hol. Have a great time! Laura x

  3. Have a wonderful trip! I fear my backside will not be too far from the sofa - it's official - I'm an Olympic addict. And I cry at EVERYTHING.

  4. Have a great getaway! That yarnbombing looks great -- how fun to be able to see it!

  5. Enjoy. The yarn bombing link is priceless, aren't we Brits a crazy lot?!
    Have you uploaded the Olympics app yet?

  6. Sounds as if you have all eventualities covered! Have a great break!

  7. Enjoy your vacation, LOVE the yarnbombing link! :D

  8. Hope you have a lovely time away, Tess... relax and recharge the batteries. :o) Thank you for the fun links! ((HUGS))


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