Friday, 21 March 2014

Friday random

It's Friday already.

which is worrying. what happened to Wednesday?

Oh yes E had a migraine. The new miracle medication didn't work. at all. ok maybe for 10 minutes.
One day lying in a dark room, one day recovering from the "hangover" effect of the migraine.
At 13 the consumption of red wine is probably not the cause, nor is coffee, and it isn't chocolate either.

Apparently it's spring. Which would explain the howling gales, hailstones and grey skies. Last week it was still winter and the weather was glorious. Can I have winter back please. oh and I'd also like some blossom, everyone else in blogland seems to have some.

I made flapjack. I posted some to my dad as a random gift. I also made rock buns. There is none left of either.

We have to go clothes shopping for both children tomorrow. It fills me with dread.

I cut the grass for the first time this afternoon. Apparently our lawn is mostly moss. It is like walking on a green spongy air bed. Which is quite fun.

There are birds looking in the bird house. They did this last year and then changed their minds.

Probably disappointed by the quality of the lawn if you ask me.........

and the lack of rock buns.

random update. I have found a hidden secret stash of Green & Blacks chocolate.
All is well with the world.

 (Not sharing with the birds though. They can eat moss.)


  1. Oh dear! I hope that things look up for you over the weekend. If it is an consolation our "lawn" has so much moss in it you can practically use it as a trampoline!! xx

  2. I don't even have my bird boxes up yet. Am I too late? It involves drilling and fixing, and I'm putting it off and putting it off. A spongy lawn sounds lovely. Mine's full of dandelions and daisies too. I hope that E is completely better now, and that the migraine doesn't come back - it sounds really nasty. Hope you have a good weekend, CJ xx

  3. Honestly, birds these days, time was when they were easier to please ... some stale bread and a dust bath and you had a friend for life.

  4. We have interested birds too - we keep watching from a distance hoping they will move in. However ropey your lawn is doesn't it look better after the first mowing. After all the glorious weather it has now turned cold again with biting winds - I thought it was too good to be true.

  5. I hope E is feeling better. Don't go shopping today! The sun is shining!! We need to pick up our pottery this weekend so are planning a day out - maybe going to Belsay Hall, one of my favourite places although I haven't been there for about 12 years!

  6. We don't have blossom either. And the famous cherry blossom festival has begun in DC, not much for anyone to see yet! A mossy lawn sounds rather nice. I hope the birds appreciate it and move in. Happy nearly spring. - annie

  7. No blossom here either! Plenty of moss though, the birds toss it out of the gutters every single morning. Did you survive the clothes shopping? 13yr old boys are easy peasy. Straight in, try it on, buy it in at least two colours, pay, home. OK we did have to bribe him with a McDonalds Breakfast but it was cheap at the price. J x

  8. Hope your weekend was a bit blossomy, very sunny and not at all migrainey.
    Ours was cold, watery and sunny. A weekend away in Norfolk.

  9. Yes, this speed with which time passes is VERY worrying. Sorry to hear about E and her migraine -- I hope she'll be feeling better soon. If it's any consolation, we had snow flurries here today (no bloom) and we're at least a month from mowing lawn.

  10. My friend Ali only found out at the age of about 35 that citrus could bring on migraines. You probably know this. I have probably told you this already. *swims round goldfish bowl*

  11. migraine? urgh.

    I've just had an osteopathy session. Keeps mine at bay. Worth a check?

  12. Oh, I sympathise ... have had migraines all my life but do actually have medication that works now, so not too bad. Still don't know what brings them on though. Blossoming all around us here in Norfolk! It will be with you soon am sure. ;) xCathy

  13. I do find that being dehydrated brings on my migraines - I consciously drink several glasses of water a day and this seems to help. Also, getting enough sleep....

    1. thank you, that sounds really good advice x

  14. Poor E. I had the first of many migraines age 13 but have never had one since 16. No idea what caused them but they were horrible and I just had to ride them out. Hope all is better now. x


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