Saturday, 6 October 2012

standing up and cutting out arrows

This week I have mostly been cutting out arrows and blowing up balloons - for a window display for the local Cancer Research shop for the Stand up to Cancer campaign.
It is amazing just how long it takes to cut out some arrows and find black balloons.


Mr Driftwood has been doing a science demo, "a meet the scientist", or what the university likes to refer to as "engagement with the public".

I'm more at home with scissors and selotape.
and cake. I can bake cakes. which I will be doing for a coffee morning I seem to have offered to hold. Please excuse me for the next two weeks if I panic about cake. and having enough tea cups.


  1. FaBUlOuSO!!!
    And will send mugs (we don't have teacups here) if needed. Perhaps you could borrow any from the shop and return them when the cakeandteafest is over...?

  2. Hi Tess,

    Sounds like you are busy, busy!
    Good luck with the cakes and teacups for the coffee morning, I am sure that everything will be fine.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend

  3. that sounds like fun busyness!

  4. Ask them to bring their own mug along to the coffee morning. That's what we do and it works a treat (less washing up if you fill the bowl ready and leave teatowels as well!). Then you can have plenty of time to worry about the cakes.

  5. Very impressed, that is an eyecatching display....
    Good luck with the cake baking & coffee morning, i am sure it will be truely scrumptious!

    1. thank you Lydia, I am happily reading recipe books choosing what to bake x

  6. Kindness is always welcome and cake is always cake so I can't see what can go wrong, but good luck anyway.

  7. Sounds like fun and I am sure your coffee will be spectacular


  8. Good for you both! I remember during my DPhil doing a presentation for local cancer research fundraisers and it was a very rewarding evening.

  9. Not a cake panic! I have a recipe for a chocolate brownie type thing, nut free, made in a saucepan, takes no time at all and always goes down well, if that's any help. It's on the blog

    Good luck, but I totally agree with what Tracy has said :D


    Bearing in mind today's post about your harvest, what about this really easy cake?

  11. Cake baking is really just chemistry, though, isn't it? So now you can declare you are good at chemistry, with a particular expertise in Maillard reactions!


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