Tuesday, 13 March 2012

happy things

things that are making me happy today.

purple crocus

bright yellow primulas

rhubarb bursting into life, like some alien creature emerging from a cocoon.

a moongazing bunny standing guard over emerging shoots

Miss K sewing bunting for a friends birthday present.

tea kept hot with a lovely knitted cosy from  Laura.

what's made you happy today?


  1. A clever washing machine fixing husband is making me rather happy today - but the emerging peony shoots are coming a close second!

  2. Beautiful happy pictures! I especially live those pretty purple crocuses. Planning a summer vacation is making me deliriously happy today - and I'm especially grateful for the Planning help I've received! ;-D

  3. Oooh, rhubarb, love, love, love it! Nice to see the mug cosy at work :) Laura xx

  4. It must be spring! Enjoy it.

  5. Love your happy post! The four of us sitting, chatting and laughing made me happy today. Rearranging the sofa's helped that, good old feng shui! J x

  6. A great parents' evening for my youngest, slightly maverick son! Phew! That and a plateful of Hungarian goulash. xxx

    1. Plants and flowers emerging in spring is something to be very happy. I love your tea cup cosy. Stops your hands getting burnt too. :)
      Today I am happy to have such great blogs to read, it really does make me VERY happy!!
      Anne xx

  7. your lovely photos and the promise of spring, yay!

  8. Happy things here...
    1. A big mug of tea and no children in the house to distract me and let it go cold.
    2. New herbs to plant in my pot by the back door.
    3. SmallBean's tidy bedroom.

  9. Those crocuses are gorgeous. And the emerging rhubarb on our plot is making me very happy too! K x

  10. I meant to plant a Rhubarb crown AGAIN this year and failed. One day. And watching boys play hockey in the sunshine made me smile today.

  11. A cuddle with my little one made me happy today.x

  12. Beautiful bright photos, especially those gorgeous crochus! Making me happy today....something pretty from a blog friend in the mail, seeing lots of primroses opening in the garden and finishing a work project so that frees up a little crochet time...
    Btw I always think the same as you of the emerging rhubarb shoots!
    Helen x

  13. Very happy things - especially the rhubarb. Juliex

  14. An owl cosy = best ever EVER. That made ME happy today. Otherwise, I am loving all of the blossom around these parts, and lunch on the front porch with my hub, and the fact that I get to go now and have a tiny nap before my offspring come home!

  15. I have a nice book with an even nicer patchwork bookmark in it.


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