Monday 1 December 2008

online shopping

there are pros and cons to online shopping

- it's a bit festive humbugish to be sitting in the kitchen at the laptop, and missing out on all the Christmas lights, and music in shops, and every where decorated...

- but then you also miss out on all the really tired and grumpy shop assistants too, and the people with loads of bags who bash into you, and the queues.......

-it's harder to pick a spontaneous present online - that just perfect present doesn't jump off the shelves at you

- but you're less likely to have a heated argument with your partner whilst sitting calming at home with a cup of tea -being in a queue in M&S is a totally different ballgame...

- you can't pick up the present online, and hold it in your hand to see if it "feels right" for the recipient

- but in store you can't read the reviews to see if it's a good buy

- which means you aren't baffled by choosing between 4 1/2 stars by 263 reviewers, or 5 stars but only from 9 reviewers...........

- it's certainly warmer and drier at home than struggling through the shops in the cold and wet.

- but there's something about treating yourself to a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows when you have a large pile of parcels at your feet to feel smug about...

- you don't have to take little people with you when you go online shopping, so it's a lot easier to hide what you're buying from them

- but the magic on little people's faces as they see another Santa in a shop window is part of what it's all about

so in the end Freddie gets the last say on online shopping, he thoroughly approves because as well as some rather uncomfortable books he also got a nice box, and this lovely new bed..........


  1. I still think I prefer shopping on line because I can wear my christmas jammies, eat christmas cookies while listening to christmas music, yep it's on line shopping for me!

  2. I'm a big fan of online shopping. You can then take the time to look around the shops at your leisure and take in the Christmas lights, music and atmosphere. The only worry is that the goods turn up!

  3. My head is SPINNING, Tess! You've made so many good points for both techniques. Although these days I do end up doing most of my shopping online just because I can do it late at night and without someone whining for fast food or balloons...

  4. Its online EVERY time for me! And then a trip into town to go ice skating. Purr-fect!

  5. It's online for pretty much everything but fabric for me! (And I have bought fabric online too but that always seems very scary!)

  6. I like them both for different reasons - online shopping is so much easier but I think there is something magical about seeing all the town centre decorated for Christmas. Your cat is very cute :) I love how cats can sleep anywhere. One of mine has taken to sitting up on top of the door - mad creature!

  7. I like shopping around in the stores, listening to Christmas music and seeing the hustle and bustle. Of course, shopping in jammies and sipping coffee isn't that bad either. Oh, and you can make a banner! I made mine at ...if shout out if you'd like and I'd be happy to help out!

  8. You understand my struggle! I thought I might do all online shopping this year, but I just couldn't!

  9. I've done most of my shopping online this year - the thought of pushing amongst people with a pushchair just isn't for me - although I do miss the atmosphere
    lisa x

  10. Hummm, I made my picture 660x150 pixels, which made me end up cropping my photo a bit...I wasn't sure I would like it, but I did in the end. Perhaps that helps?

  11. Hello there
    I've just been doing my Christmas shopping on line, grumpy Twiggy and bored Twiglet does not make for a happy retail experience. I do all my shopping on line then we spend a couple of evenings mooching around town just looking at the Chrimbo lights, win, win situation :)
    Twiggy x

  12. the older i get, the more attractive on-line shopping is to me................... Are feddie and Shaggy twins?!


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