Friday, 26 June 2009

a vote

I am feeling VERY grumpy.........

we were really looking forward to having a couple of pet chickens in our new house, and when we viewed we asked if there were any restrictions about keeping poultry, and no-one had ever heard of any.

today we get a huge pile of papers from the solicitors, and there in black and white, in restriction 4 is a prohibition to keep poultry.

humbug........ J says we should just keep them anyway, and plead ignorance.

did I mention that I am VERY grumpy

I have been told by extremely patient hubby that we can not buy the house if it is going to be such a disaster, but I feel that might make me out to be a bit petulant...........

so in order to distract me from said grumpiness I have been trying to do more clearing out, without smashing things into boxes with gusto which is how I'm feeling....

which is where you come in

I need a vote on these blue bathroom vases, which have lived happily on the bathroom window here for many years. Thing is I can't decide if I love them enough to pack them. so what do I do.

I call upon you to decide their fate.

"who goes, you decide", as the big brother presenters would say, or they used to, I only watched it once. too weird for me........

exhibit a : hyacinth vase, quite fun to watch the roots grow, but then not that useful the rest of the year...

exhibit b: this one has never to my knowledge actually had flowers in.......

exhibit c: hubby thinks this one looks like a sample bottle, and it isn't a great shape for actually putting anything in.....

I am wondering why I've even kept them for so long, except they do look quite pretty when the sun shines through..........
or shall I just start afresh, maybe with a vase with chickens on...........


  1. new house = new things for bathroom windowsill :-). Plead ignorance on the chicken front..

  2. out with the old and buy something you really like thatis practicaltoo. hope the chicken thing works out..there seem to be a restriciton on our houseabout not brewing beer... but who would know... i am sure the chicken thing is an outdated restriction and maybe needs amending.

  3. Hope the chickens work out. I have no idea whether there's any such restriction on our house - to be honest it wouldn't even cross my mind to check! Who makes the regulations?

  4. Personally I think they're all keepers. Sorry to hear about your chicken news. Does it help to say that we definitely aren't able to have them where we are either?

  5. Thrifty me would say 'keepers' but then new house, new beginings, start afresh and 'any' excuse to go shopping - I would have to say,

    'out, out, out!'

    Have a lovely weekend and I hope the mood passes,

    Nina x

    ps. I agree with your husband - plead ignorance!

  6. WOW! how can you not love those vases??? They are lovely especially B and C. But I am a sucker for glass especially of the blue or green or pink variety. I say KEEP KEEP KEEP. Or give to me.

    As for the chickens .. I think plead ignorance.

    Have I missed the part where you bought a new house?


  7. Keep one or all if you'll have a lovely sunny window in which to display one or all...otherwise, put them on the yard sale. If you plead ignorance on chickens, you'll then have to dispose of them when some lovely neighbor turns you in. Think how you'll feel then.

  8. I love the last two vases (B & C).

    How did I miss the news that you bought a house?!?! Hope the chicken thing works out somehow. Maybe it's work seeing if other people in the neighborhood are breaking any of the rules.

  9. Be greedy: keep the vases AND get chickens.

    Odds are none of your new neighbours will know about poultry restrictions or otherwise. Take them gifts of delicious home-grown eggs every now and then and they'll never object!

  10. Whatever you do, don't get rid of vase B, its just too pretty with the blue lines running through the clear!


  11. I absolutely agree with The List Writer! I've never even considered looking if I'm able to keep my girls!

  12. I think the second one is beautiful; probably more so without flowers.

  13. I am late to the party, thanks to my own grumpiness. Just as well, as I have no answers for you. When I ponder the possibility of moving, I become anxiety-ridden: do I wipe the slate clean and get rid of ALL of my decorative items? Some? Or none? Sigh. Let me know what you decide...

    As for chickens: no one within city limits is permitted to have them here. Which is ridiculous, as there are some Really Big Gardens in this town. Maybe it's just a way to avoid the noise of the odd rooster?

  14. I love old blue bottles so I vote to keep them. I'd plead ignornance too re the chickens but make friends with your neighbours first :-)

  15. I think the vase with chickens on might make you smile. I hope you are less grumps now .... hope you get to keep the chicks too ...

  16. That is a nuisance about the chickens, really bloomin not on is it? I think the legal thing is probably more about running a poultry farm in your garden, so a couple of chickens, which could be classed as pets, probably won't be noticed! I think, if you're allowed to keep one of the vases, keep the hyacith vase, because you use that, and it's unusual, not seen one like that before, lovely colour. If you've never used the others, part with them happily!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)


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