Friday 25 June 2010

a corner of my garden

welcome to a corner of my garden, and a journey through time.

August 2009. note the excess of conifers.

September 2009 - no more conifers, now we can see a hedge of rather dead looking hawthorn...... and the grass looks less dead.

same time, view from across the garden.
wondering why there's a big stick in the middle of the lawn?
me too.

January 2010. garden what garden.
I'm impressed that the snow is so deep you can no longer tell the garden is on a hill.

February 2010. more of the white stuff.

April 2010. we've thinned out lots of the dead hawthorns, we can now see into the wilderness behind our garden, and the new trees we've planted - a cherry, a plum and a crab apple.
oh and we've dug up a huge swathe of the lawn.

May 2010. the deck moves 8ft to the left.
sounds easy doesn't it.
we thought so too.
we were wrong.
but move it did - eventually!
and then patio flags are laid, and the meccano building can start.

June 2010 - the dug up lawn has become a veggie patch, neatly edged with wood. (edged with wood at the back too to try and prevent the nettle population of the wilderness zone taking up residence amongst the spuds.)

and the final ta-da.
meet Gertie. Gertie the greenhouse.
my birthday present.
I love it.
expect to be bored with photos of tomato plants for the rest of the summer.


  1. My goodness what a transformation, I can see all the hard work you've put into the garden and it looks so much the better for it. Looking forward to 'sharing' your tomatoes with you!


  2. *SIGH*

    Now that's what I call a happy ending.

    And a happy beginning!!

    Enjoy those 'maters... xoxo

  3. Well done! wish I lived closer..I'd love to help you with the in eating them!

  4. I'm green with envy! Looks like a lot of hard work but what beautiful results!

  5. Cor, that was A Lot of work. Now you have to get on with the easy tasks of weeding, watering, thinning, weeding, sowing, digging, weeding, hoeing, watering, did I remember weeding? Happy eating. Ax

  6. You'll enjoy it all the more cos you put in some hard work along the way to achieve it. Well done - enjoy it!

  7. Hellooooooo Gertie!!

    Tomatoes, chillies and all manner of produce - here's to the Summer.....and Gertie's.

    Nina xxxx

  8. Now we know what you have been doing all this time!!! But what a wonderful birthday pressie. Tomatoes, cucumbers and all manner of exotic delights I have no doubt will be gracing the decks of Gertie. Hope you have lots of fun over teh summer.

  9. love the picture of the snow falling. You have worked hard. I've been trying to persuade Mr W that I need a greenhouse but he's not convinced - yet.

  10. So glad I came across your Blog. Your garden looks fabulous now, oh my dream to have my own greenhouse - enjoy it :) Catherine x

  11. yeah, that's one birthday present I wouldn't mind - I love love love the smell of fresh tomatoes. Sometimes I think I embarrass hub when we go shoppping because I insist on smelling them lol

  12. What a blimmin fabulous birthday present! that boy will go far..I look forward to swapping tomato plant tales-we have a very small gertie-half the size of yours, but she doesn't half do well on the tomatoes. You're going to have loads of fun!!

  13. What wonderful progress & transformation! A greenhouse... *SWOON*... What a happy crowing touch to your lovely garden. Can't wait to see what' you'll cultivate in your new greenhouse! Happy Garden Days :o) ((HUGS))

  14. Oh I oculd sit under that bunting and chat with Gertie till the cows came home. May she cherish all your little plants and may you nosh lots of tasty things grown in her x

  15. Good grief, my typing is becoming appalling. I have beady brain

  16. I'm jealous :-). Based on the improvements made in the last few months, I bet you'll make this garden into a beautiful one. How much I wish I had space for fruit trees. I'll be happy to see many photos of tomatoes or anything else you may grow.

  17. The change is fantastic

    And I promise that every post about tomatoes will be gratefully received by someone with no growing ability (i'm not lying, we killed mint which I've been told is an impossible task) and a small rectangle of grass to call a garden!

  18. That is a great transformation. You guys have done sooo much work--it looks great! Can't wait to see your tomatoes.


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