Monday, 25 July 2011

let the summer begin

First week of the summer hols;
the first visitors of the summer have been and gone. a trip to the beach and our local fave National Trust estate to tire them out.
the school uniforms have gone in the wash. apart from E's trousers which have gone in the bin; too short and too many holes.....
the school timetables have come down. hurray.
the annual summer calender (made from a huge piece of wallpaper taped to the side of the fridge) has gone up.
E has happily written in the 4 days of football camp he has this week
Miss K wrote in a trip to the library and a visit to a friend for this afternoon.
tomorrow morning we have coffee with a blog friend. last time we met there was much discussion about whether she would be an axe murderer or not, hence the labelling......

she has also drawn lots of sweets on Thursday's square. I assume this is wishful thinking.

hope the first week of summer is lovely for you. xxx


  1. Enjoy your coffee with the Axe murdered - or perhaps they are really an 18 stone rugby player called Gordon???

    We have a list for the week - have ticked off cinema and some money earning chores. Tomorrow is Grandma day - both Great Grandma and another one!

  2. Of course it's not wishful thinking. Sweeties on Thursday are a must.
    I gave mine caribo (as they are known at BeanTowers) for breakfast today. Love doing things lilke that- the look on their faces was brill. Like the idea of the wallpaper calendar. We have a Big List of what to do over the next few weeks to make. When Small comes back from his first Beaver camp...
    Mmmm. I've waffled this evening, sorry! Ax

  3. Squeak!! If you are meeting for coffee it must be...

  4. Best make sure you wear your crochet chain mail tomorrow, just in case.

    Love the idea of a big wall calendar. I keep naggling mine to think about things they want to do rather than springing them on me at the last minute, but that's just not going to happen round here!

  5. It sounds like the perfect start to the holidays. An axe murderer bearing sweeties sounds like just the right level of excitement to me! T x

    PS I enjoyed your last post too but it got me thinking so hard I think I forgot to comment

  6. Hmmm, might have to steal the fridge calendar two would draw sweets on EVERY day, alas. And probably the only (potential) axe murderer would be ME.

    (Have a wonderful time!! xoxo)

  7. Dying to know who the axe murderer is ...

  8. That is the best hint ever! Now I wonder if I draw some flowers on our calendar will it have the desired effect... x

  9. The wallpaper calendar is such a good idea! I hope it fills up with lots of great things to do and you all have a lovely summer.
    Helen x

  10. Have a lovely summer doing wonderful things in gorgeous surroundings bathed in sunshine! That last bit is out of my control.

  11. Thanks Cathy, yes some sun would be nice xxx

  12. Oh hope you had a lovely time. So relieved you weren't really meeting an axe murderer--I did jump when I saw the calendar page!

    K x


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