Saturday, 18 February 2012


the characters you have typed don't match the word verification.

the most frustrating sentence in blog land.

Blogger those new two word verifications are Dreadful. and unreadable.
the characters I typed don't match because I can't see what they say. 
and oh and they are utterly unnecessary.I turned off verification months ago. and the spam (almost) all gets filtered happily for me, no worries.

oh and while I'm moaning I'm not in love with threaded comments either. I never go back to a blog, to see if someone replied to my comment. and they always come in those horrid embedded boxes, which have a scroll down bar so you can read the really really annoying verification words (see above)

ok moan over. please forgive me this indulgence.
what is frustrating you right now?


  1. Totally agree, I've removed my word verification thingy even though I now get the penis enlargement adverts back again and I never go back to blogs either. What's frustrating me at the minute and it's not nice... is trying to get the pup to stop eating dog poo !!!!

  2. I totally agree and do not see the point in word verification. I made three attempts today to add the verification word and eventually had to go (my comment was good too! hee hee)

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Helen xx

  3. Hi Tess, I do get comments, don't worry. I just had to add moderation after a bit of an incident before Christmas. Hopefully I'll be able to take it off soon.
    Other people have been blogging about the word verification, it even appears on my blog sometimes even though I definitely have it turned off, and I even had to do it when replying to a comment myself on MY OWN blog!!

  4. I hate the new word verification thingy too! If I don't get it right first time I usually give up!

  5. I've just been moaning about the verification thingy to my OH and he calmly explained it's to stop automated reading machines cracking the words so they can't get through and hack. It's a very rational explanation but it's still INFURIATING not being able to read the smudgy words. Suzy

  6. I do quite like the coincidental way that word verification sometimes reflects the post or comment- um, like, a post about chocolate might have a verification like yumm.
    But generally, it is an annoying little bit of typing.
    What is really annoying me is having to stay at childrens birthday parties when there are new plants to get into the garden.
    And I never go back to blogs to read a possible reply either. Ax

  7. Yesterday, when the words became unreadable, I decided that whoever thought this two word thing and the smart _ _ _ remark at the top "want to make sure you are not a 'robot'...what is that all about? I feel like we are being manipulated and that's is not the way 'I' roll at all. SO, I got rid of mine on my blog and I am BEGGING everyone else who cares about their followers to do the same. - Speaking of email follow ups...When I first started blogging I made the mistake of doing an email comment follow up on Dottie Angel's blog, hahahahaha, you can just imaging the shock my new blogging little self had when the emails wouldn't stop..I learned my lesson the hard way. xo

  8. I turned word verification off ages ago too, and actually seem to be quite good at reading it on other peoples blogs, but I still hate it.

    What else is frustrating me? My workaholic husband! Nuff said.

  9. I used to think I was quite a good reader, but I cannot tell what those words say AT ALL.

    And frustrating me? Sulkers. Get over it. Especially if you are an adult.

  10. I must be the only person here not having a problem with verification. Maybe my double vision helps! Have a couple of glasses of wine and see if that helps! What frustrates me at the moment (just sticking to technologcal stuff) is predictive text on my ipod - I don't know how to turn it off!

  11. I am sure I would agree if I understood what you were talking about! Methinks I have a lot to learn about the blogosphere :)

  12. dirty laundry outside the empty laundry basket.


  13. Yep, I am about to switch ff the word ver on my blog too. It's beyond a joke. And I don't get the threaded comments either.

    The list f things frustrating me is too long to go into, but it mostly involves school. Argh.

  14. Yay to common sense! I really struggled yesterday & gave up - my sight is not good at times...

    Annoying me? Picking up my husbands cold (man flu) the day before I go back to work....


  15. Looks like I've been missing a lot on here of late - lovely caterpillar vases and lavender bags - what delights! Hope you are having a lovely weekend with lots of delicious cake and no frustrations!!

  16. totally agree and was even thinking of getting my eyes tested...very frustrating!

  17. I couldn't agree more, either... The verification codes are a headache--literally! Some of the codes are almost impossible to read. The mind boggles...LOL... Thanks for your lifting comment today, Tess. ;o) Happy Week ((HUGS))

  18. I shut my word verification off a while ago and I don't get any more spam as a result - I think blogger is actually quite good at this.

    I don't return to posts, but I like threaded comments because there are so many times when people don't allow access to their email addresses. If I have it, I email. But if I don't, I find responding easier with the threaded comments - and I have been amazed at how many people have revisited the blog to respond to MY response. I didn't expect this; but I guess because I don't go back to blogs, I can't assume nobody else does.

  19. How great to read this post and see I am not the only one shouting at the screen in frustration. Looks like many bloggers have now thankfully removed wv.

    I hope your Dad had a very happy 80th Birthday.

    I appreciate your kind comments on my post... thank you :)


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