Friday, 9 August 2013

wish I was here.

I'm doing jury service this week.

It's in a coroners court, not a crown court, so it's a fact finding mission rather than a prosecution and a defence, and we are there to establish what happened, but not to assign any blame.

It's fascinating to get an insight into the legal world, but there is oh so much sitting around waiting. The first day it didn't even occur to me to take a book or something to do. 

Yesterday I packed some portable knitting, and promptly left it on the kitchen table. During the 1/2 hour delay at the start, the random 20 minutes in which the jury had to leave the courtroom, and the hour delay after lunch I can't tell you how many times I kicked myself for forgetting it.

I wrote several useful lists, and wished I was somewhere else.

Here would have done, Dunstanburgh Castle.

The fishing boat full of flowers at Craster always makes me smile.

Big skies would have been very refreshing after an airless windowless day.

As soon as I got home I grabbed my trainers and went out for a quick walk along the farm roads. I convinced myself it was because I needed the fresh air, but in truth I also needed to walk off the huge portion of chocolate cake I had for lunch. 

Sometimes a sensible lunch just won't do.....


  1. I hope you've remembered to pack your knitting and a book today.
    Good luck with the jury service. Windowless, airless rooms must be hell on earth.

  2. I dread getting called for jury service but if I do I remember this and take knitting/crochet and audio books.

    The big skies are what most when we return from Cornwall. One can never see the horizon in a city.

  3. Oh poor you. Hopefully you will remember to take it with you next time. I've only been called to jury service once, at the same time of my daughter. Could not do it because of family matters......But it always looks so interesting on the t.v but that is not really reality.......

  4. Totally agree about the lunch!

    And please tell me where those amazing metal birds are!!

  5. Yes, what are those metal birds?! Ah, but not much fun with jury service. I've never had to do that. I'd be dreaming of miles away too. ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

  6. Chocolate cake for lunch. Now that's style! I'm exempt from jury service on account of not being able to hear so the closest I ever came was walking two little jack Russell's twice daily for two weeks while a friend sat on the jury of a murder trial. Enough calories burned for quite a bit of chocolate cake! J x

  7. Wow, I wish I were there too -- stunning! Best of luck with the ongoing tedium of it all.

    A. and I were thinking of J. and E. last night as we watched the Liverpool victory over the Young Boys, by the way. Go Shelvey! xoxo

  8. I think if I were stuck inside a building all day with no windows and fresh, I'd be eating chocolate cake too! :) Glad you were able to get out and walk when you got home. I do love that photo of the boat filled with flowers. Simply gorgeous.
    Anne xx

  9. Hi Tess,

    I know exactly what you are saying - I did jury service a while back and yes, sitting all day can get a little tedious.
    Hope it is all finished with and not one of those long cases that goes on and on.
    I enjoyed seeing all your lovely photos and know how much you would rather be out in the fresh air taking all the beauty in.

    Enjoy the weekend

  10. Wow -- I'm not doing jury duty but I wish I was there too! Your photos are so pretty -- it looks like a great place to visit!


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