Friday, 28 November 2014

this week

this week I've

  • put up the fairy lights. I couldn't stand the gloom and grey any longer. by calling them fairy lights and not Christmas lights I can avoid the no decorations till after the birthdays rule. (which I made so I can break)
  • driven a 70 mile round trip for an outpatient appointment which I think lasted 2 minutes and 37 seconds. teenage boy is now cleared to play sports but he hasn't told his teacher yet.....
  • ordered pink striped bags for the sweet making extravaganza, to ensure some of the sweets get taken away.
  • made felt robins for a friends craft stall and wished I'd kept one for myself.
  • been bought chocolate by a very sweet friend
  • bought tickets for the local youth theatre production and driven teenage boy to and from rehearsals.
  • drunk a lot of tea
  • not eaten any cake............... this really needs remedying.........
  • finally put some stock into my woefully neglected folksy shop
  • drunk a lot of tea. oops did I say that already.....


  1. Great list! Rules you make are definitely for breaking :)

  2. You've been busy! Fairy lights look lovely at this time of year don't they, I could do with some around here. I'm glad your son is better, but what a long trip. I hope you have a very good weekend. CJ xx

  3. We have a birthday here on Sunday and Christmas decs are most definitely not allowed up before then either, but I have bought very pretty butterfly birthday lights which I'm looking forward to putting up! There's always a way round these things! No photos even of those robins? I'm loving robins this year.

  4. It's so much fun to break ones own rules. No cake? Oh dear!!
    Anne xx

  5. Replies
    1. emergency baking planned for this morning, all other duties can wait!

  6. Your makes are so pretty, and I like your take on fairy lights vs Christmas lights, I think that I might just copy you on that one!! xx

  7. A few winters ago I could not stand the gloom any longer - so put up fairy lights and now about 3 years later, they are still there - and I love them, they still bright a little bit of a bright magical light on those dark evenings - so I hear what you are saying - break rules and switch on lights!

  8. Our fairy lights are calling me from the loft….

    1. "Ali, Ali, Ali, come and get us. it's cold and dark and lonely up here and we want to be switched on"

  9. That is a lot of busy ness.
    Hope next week is a bit less full. But much more sugary, Ax

  10. I really really love the fabric on your fish, looks vintage?

  11. Not eaten cake! For a whole week!! You're a disgrace woman ;)

    Glad the boy is all mended x

  12. I thought the fabric looked like Liberty - lovely!
    Good news to hear your son's OK but the journey sounds like a drag...
    As for fairy lights, I have them up all year round in the kitchen. If I ever get to be Prime Minister I'll replace street lights with them. I'm sure it would make people feel romantic and festive.
    S x

  13. That is a coincidence....I have fairy lights up too :)
    Lovely embroidery......and so glad your son is better now. Hope you soon find some cake and keep enjoying lots of nice hot cups of tea!
    Happy December!
    Helen xox

  14. Hmmm. No cake. It's ok since you had some chocolate -- but just this once -- don't let it happen again!!! ;-D

  15. Not eaten 'any' cake! Honestly Tess...need I say any more?

    Well apart from that's one busy list.

    Nina x

  16. You have to eat cake - it's December. It's the only way to get through the cold, dark days. Apart from drinking tea of course.

  17. I just put up lights today even though we'll be in Wyoming next week, and sitting here enjoying them waiting for the World Traveller to get home. Friday. Wine. Not even a photo of the robins?


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