Monday 31 July 2017


we took the youngest teenager and his friend to a concert. 
there was dancing on a piano. 
seemed a bit reckless.

I tried to show respectable behaviour by casting on some baby socks.
which caused the teenagers to despair.
(might well have been what I intended!)

it was a beautiful venue. 

the rest of this post will be fairly random, so here goes.
random cat photo because there hasn't been one for a while!

Malene hat from Laine magazine.

Cassie, the smallest goat in the world.

a spoon carving workshop. 
so much fun
so hard. mine is the one of the right. 
don't look too closely.

this is dandelion. 
she wanted to eat me....

Bamburgh beach

Bamburgh castle. 
We went to take photos for work, and had to stay for a picnic. 
the sun doesn't come out that often here, when it does you have to make the most of it!

I also had to move my office outside. and admire the view.

today the weather is back to normal Northumberland grey and a bit freezing.
better get on with my new cardigan. it needs to be much bigger if it's going to keep me warm!


  1. You have reminded me I would love to learn spoon carving. I think your spoon looks great. I'd be really proud if I had done that.

  2. Your goings on are always so interesting.
    I love your spoon carving. It looks great to me and if the weather gets much cooler you'll be needing that lovely hat.
    Beautiful photographs of Bamburgh in the sunshine. X

  3. I like your outdoor office very much :-)

    Spoon carving is something I really want to learn. Jack (our dog) has the naughty habit to steal wooden spoons from the dishwasher. He takes them into the garden and chews them until they are unrecognisable. x

  4. Lovely new cardigan, the yarn looks gorgeous. Your piano comment made me laugh. Glad you behaved respectably. Love the carved spoons. My middle one made a spoon and knife on Scout camp last week. A bit chunkier though... CJ xx

  5. Lovely to catch up with you. Your spoon is fabulous!!!

  6. Spoon whittling, I think that's on an advert, in a less than complimentary way. Yours looks great, as does the cardi. I would love to dance or even lounge on a piano but know the reality would be impossible as I would need steps to get on and would end up wobbling and falling off!
    Puss cat looks cosy ;) x

  7. Haha, casting on at a concert! Way to go! J was mortified a few years back when I got my crochet wrist warmers out to finish off on a train journey! That cardigan is going to be gorgeous! J x

  8. What a beautiful bunch of random! I would swoon if I could work with sheep and goats -- they're so darn cute. And I think your spoon looks great. Looks like you've had a wonderful July!!!

  9. that little goat is the most beautiful thing I have seen for a long time! I want one! your hat looks very pretty and our outdoor office - how very sensible :)

  10. Concerts in the Summer are surely fun! The tiny goat looks phenomenal! How sweet!! Your cat is so beautiful!! Ohhhh the photo of the Bamburgh beach makes my heart happy!!! What a beautiful place, the sky has an intense blue and the sand so white and the beach is so wide. Marvelous!!! You do have lots of lovely wool!! Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing.

  11. I really like the look of that cardigan - so floaty and elegant, but probably also very warm. And the animals are pretty cute too.


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