Friday 29 December 2017


November highlights. E had the lead in the school play. Shakespeare may never before been performed in Kermit the frog socks. I shall spare you the Madonna outfit...... More gorgeous skies. I may become obsessed.  J and I had a brief visit to the big city. Parakeets in the park, the Greenwich observatory and the most beautiful Christmas lights.


  1. I looked at the peacock feather before I read your post, it is amazing, I wondered if it was jewelry or something frost covered but now I know it is a light, you are correct - it IS beautiful x

    1. I was mesmerized by the lights. Thanks for all your comments. I haven't posted in so long I wasn't sure anyone would come x

  2. Shakespeare could do with Kermit socks more often in my opinion! Well done E x

  3. Nothing wrong with being obsessed by gorgeous skies :-)

  4. Those Christmas lights are stunning, and that looks like a brilliant production, what a great set x


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