Wednesday 2 April 2008

making gifts

we've got a visitor from the States coming on Thursday. can you feel me bouncing up and down with excitement!
I've been making gifts for her to take back to the rest of the family that couldn't come.
Dino t-shirts, decorated with some scraps left over from a dino wallhanging made for E's bedroom.

and for a new baby due in June something to send to the baby shower. I wanted to use this fabric that my friend whose coming bought me last year, as the baby will be a new grandson for her.
but it was really hard, as the fabric was already striped, and like a quilt, so what to do with it?
In the end I went with the stripes, cut it up along them, inserted new stripes and sewed it all back together.

It's backed with fleece, rather than wadding and a fabric back, so I guess it's more of a playmat than a quilt, and I learnt a valuable lesson, instead of trying to save time and sew both the sides of the binding with machine I should just do it properly, which is what I did, AFTER I'd done 3/4 of it the other way, decided it looked truly terrible, and then spent over an hour unpicking it.... great time saving that was...

Miss K was at sewing club this morning, so there should be some of her sewing to show tomorrow. E got there, saw they were making dolls and announced he wanted to go home....
so we went home, and when we went back to get Miss K later
"can I make one of those dolls that K is making, I want to make Captain Underpants"
so tonight we have to get E to the same stage as Miss K so we can ALL got tomorrow.....

who says girls are fickle.


  1. Dolls are good for boys too especially when they are Captain Underpants dolls!

  2. What lovely gifts you've made, can't wait to see the captain underpants doll!

  3. Lovely gifts! You've been very busy. That children's sewing club sounds like fun too. Captain Underpants sounds great!

  4. I hope you have a wonderful time with your visitors. It's kind of you
    to send them home with British made goods. And such lovely things too!

  5. the dino shirts are sure to be winners! And I think the playmat will probably come to be of more use than a quilt- you are clever! Your friend will be really chuffed you went to so much effort x

  6. Cute playmat and Dinos--- Did you ever post a pic of the Dino wall hanging?
    Lisa x

  7. the shirts look great. Did you cut the dinosaurs from fabric?

    Love the little playmat. A very useful gift.

    I can understand totally how fickle little boys can be!!!

  8. You have been busy! - I love those Dino T shirts - they look really cool and so much better than buying something shop bought - Natalie x

  9. Gorgeous gifts!
    Can't wait to see Captain underpants!

  10. Now you've got me worried again - should I be making something for my American guests (who arrive next week) to take home too?
    Nah, they can go mad in the touristy shops in London!!!

  11. What generous gifts......... there are going to be some very happy recipients.

  12. I love those t shirts, they're great. You've made such wonderful gifts. Looking forward to seeing Captain Underpants! Have a good weekend

  13. what beutiful gifts, I love the dino Tee's have the same fabric but would never have thought to do this with it. Love the quilting...

  14. I like the quilt you made - such a simple solution

  15. I love the playmat/quilt. You have certainly been busy. Hope you are having a great time with your visitors.



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