Friday, 6 June 2008


Dragonfly tagged me.

What were you doing 10 years ago?

10 years ago this June we were living in Rockport Ma. USA, J was working in Boston, I worked in the local preschool, and we rented a one room flat with a sea view. You couldn't have an arguement because the only place to go was the bathroom, or the deck.. We didn't have a tv, and spent hours wandering along the beach, fishing (well reading a book whilst J fished mostly) and watching the waves crashing on the rocks. At the end of June we both left our jobs and had a months vacation, during which time we finally had our honeymoon (having been married 2 and 1/2 years..) to the pacific northwest, flying into Seattle we stayed with friends, and then hired a car and drove through the north cascade mountains, across to Glacier National Park, back to Mount St Helen's, and Mount Ranier, and then north to Olympia National Park and rainforest. I was 5 months pregnant with Miss K and really annoyed when the people at the cattle ranch we visited wouldn't let me go riding, now I'm telling you we were in much more danger driving on some of those mountain roads than you ever would be on a horse. We camped for the whole trip, sometimes in big sites where our little tiny car and teeny weeny tent were dwarfed by huge trailers and motor homes, and sometimes in tiny wilderness campsites, where you wrote your name and car registration on an envelope, enclosed $5 and stuck it on the notice board, presumably at the end of the year a ranger comes along and collects the money, and checks you haven't been eaten by bears, or cougars, or washed away by flash floods - all of which were a risk at one of the best places we went to - for some reason no one else seemed to be impressed as we had the whole forest to ourselves, - well except for the bears and cougars of course, but we didn't see them any more than we saw the rangers.

At the end of July we moved back to the UK, J got a job in Leeds, and so far we're still here.

5 things on my to do list for today

  1. frantically tidy the house because we've got another estate agent coming to value the house

  2. unpick all the free motion quilting I did on the wall hanging yesterday because it's all lumpy

  3. take E to his swimming lesson, I despair that he will ever get any better, when he does backstroke he just sinks.....

  4. go and buy some eggs

  5. bake J's birthday cake, it's his birthday tomorrow, he's 11 days older than me, so I have exactly that long to tease him about being old before I catch him up. (hence the need for no.4)
snacks I enjoy

chocolate, raisins, strawberries, peanut butter on hot toast with strawberry jam, popcorn.........

things I would do if I were a billionaire

buy a decent computer and get 8mb broadband, instead of being driven mad by this old and SLOW laptop, and then all the serious things, like look after my family and friends, and give lots to charity, and maybe buy a house with a seaview, and (this one makes me feel really shallow) - get a cleaner......

places I have lived

Wegburg - Germany, Liverpool, Cambridge, Grange-over-Sands, and York - UK, and Rockport, MA -USA.

people I want to know more about

Sheila at Tea and Toast
Lisa of Periwinkle
Anna of Garden Girl

- only if you want to though , anyone else want to join in too that would be great

as I don't have any photo to go with the tag (all my trip photos are pre-digital, I'll have to try and scan some sometime) here are some different photo's

my first french seam! very excited about this I was - sad I know, but true.

and some lovely fabric that Sheila of Tea and Toast sent me from a giveaway she did, it's gorgeous and I'm ashamed I've taken so long to write about it - thanks again Sheila - there'll be a proper thankyou in the post soon.

now I need to decide what to make with it - suggestions anyone?


  1. Really enjoyed your meme post, especially your description of life by the sea in Maine. I went to school in Boston and worked in western Massachusetts before moving to England, and I miss New England very much. And peanut butter and jam on toast--very American indeed :)

  2. I'm very envious of all your travels Stateside, sounds fantastic.
    Good luck with the valuation too...
    Oh, and French seams take me back to the days when everyone wanted festoon blinds made, a French seam worked best for them when joining the widths together - those were the days!

  3. The description of your life ten years ago sounded very exciting.

  4. Wow, I'd love to visit Glacier NP one day!..sounds like an incredible time you had! :)

    Good luck with all your plans for the day and I hope Mr Driftwood has a great birthday tomorrow! Gx

  5. Living here in the Pacific Northwest I was thrilled to learn that you took a trip here 10 years ago.
    All the places that you visited are so familiar to me, in fact I took a trip to Mt Rainier just a couple of weeks ago.
    I think that you will have to come on back and revisit all those places again.
    I think you would notice a big difference at Mt. St Helen's.

  6. ooh, what an exciting time it sounded, 10 years ago! I woul love to spend my days walking on the beach,but would settle happily for Cornwall..
    Lovely fabric,think an apron, or bag perhaps?
    Thanks for tagging me, shall get my thinking cap on!x

  7. Lovely meme - your travels sound very exciting. Great french seam - I have yet to master them!
    Cathy X

  8. Great to know a bit more about you .... :0)

  9. Such fun to read your list and learn more about you! And great fabrics...Those on the bottom would make a great, flashy tea cosy. Happy weekend to you all ((HUGS))

  10. Happy belated birthday to J, your ' trips' sound amazing, especially the camping. What made you come back to the UK ? I've just done this tag - sorry
    Lisa x

  11. I say YAY to getting the cleaner!!!!! Not shallow at all!

  12. OK it's me again forgot to ask "what is a French seam?". :)

  13. I was admiring your French seams only this morning ;-) The bag will be having its first trip to Cambridge tomorrow if the weather holds ...

  14. I know what it is like to want to go riding and not being able to because your pregnant. And I am still waiting for my honeymoon (married 5 years).

    I was just tagged and answered these questions just the other day.


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