Monday 15 December 2008

more birthday cake

Saturday was E's birthday, he was 8.... my little one is 8, how did that happen?????

We had lots of plans for an exciting day, but illness and weather, and an abundance of lego
meant plans changed and we stayed in, apart from a quick trip to my brothers house to celebrate his birthday too, he was 45 and had a hedgehog cake!

I've finally finished a Christmas gift, it took a LOT longer than the recommended 3 hours, and challenged me a great deal, but I'm pleased with it finally, and I learnt some neat finishing tips.

and Lizzie Jane tagged me to post the 4th photo in my fourth folder, so far so good, but the 4th photo was one of J falling down the hill whilst sledging last January, so in the interests of not getting divorced for Christmas, this is from the 5th folder.... I don't think Fred has a lawyer, but he is sleeping in a suitcase so perhaps he was hoping for a vacation...........

I'm supposed to tag 4 people, but instead I shall open it up to everyone, it's quick and fun, and I'd love to see a random photo from everyone....!


  1. Happy birthday to Miss K and Master E.


  2. Happy Birthday to Miss K, Miss E and big (?) brother. Hopw everyone is feeling better by now.

  3. What a fab apron! I am furious that I did not get a hedgehog cake for MY 45th birthday -- denied!! Maybe next year. Happy b-day to Mr. Lego, and wishes for improved health to all!

  4. I love the fact that a 45 year old man would have a Hedgehog Birthday cake!
    That apron is lovely, just had to say...................
    And owwwwww ! Fred................. can i pick you up and give you a cuddle?!

  5. belated wishes to Master E, I think I might get a hedgehog cake for my birthday :-0
    lisa x

  6. Absolutely love the apron. And there is no way I could have finished that in 3 hours. Who recommended that time?! K x

  7. Happy Birthday to Mr E, I hope everyone is feeling better now.
    Love you tag photo, why is it that kitties look so comfy wherever they sleep!

  8. Happy birthday Master E!

    If only I could have a cuddle with Fred! very cute xxx

  9. Happy (belated) Birthdays to Miss K and E. Both the cakes looked yummy! Hope everyone is feeling better.

    Love your apron ... :0)

  10. Happy Birthday to Miss K and Master E ... i'm telling you, mine just turned 13! I'm wondering how it happened especially since i can so distinctly remember being 13 myself that it must have only been 2 weeks ago surely?


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