Tuesday, 4 August 2009

party time

oops, it's August already. how did that happen? thanks for all the best wishes for our escape to the coast, we had a lovely time. ok so it was very damp at times....... on at least 3 occasions I was soaked to the skin. but we drank tea, watched the tide come in and out, and the fishing boats come and go, didn't venture too far, recharged our mental batteries. In a whole week I didn't take a single photo, but I guess hubby took this, one of the many seagulls that kept us awake at night, and awoke us in the very early hours....... so there are no photos of the scarecrow festival, of the waves crashing, the crabs scuttling, or of the painting I lusted after at the local art festival......... too many pennies............

and then we were home, back to reality, and LOTS of wet washing............

oh and the boxes..........

if you look carefully you can see Freddie mountain climbing, and the jasmine growing in through the window............

but the boxes will finally be moving somewhere soon, we've finally exchanged contracts !!!!
hurray, I really thought it might never happen.
our buyers might just be the most pedantic people in the whole world.......
and last time we sold a house it all fell through on the exchange date, causing much heartache, and a huge whole in the bank balance....
which might just be why I've been a bit cautious of talking too much about the new house, once we'd had the offer accepted I just had to hold my breath, and wait and wait, almost as if I thought too much about it, or told everyone it would be tempting fate too much. silly huh..

but now it really has to happen, or we end up with a huge fine, so moving we will be, Friday the 14th (not the 13th thankfully!) is the big day, to a lovely almost new house, with a study, (which is going to be mine! I'm so excited, can't wait to be able to spread out my sewing and leave it out), a view of the sea in the distance, and a small garden just waiting to be filled with roses.

and so with papers exchanged a celebration was needed,

and at parties there has to be cake, lots of cake

and what you really should do after eating lots of cake is bounce and bounce and bounce, especially if it's pouring with rain, and the extra excitement of a rather slippery bouncy castle in the garden is just too much to resist!
but I shall leave you today with a warning for any of you partying in the rain this summer

when you carry the picnic table into the house to escape from the rain, check underneath, or your party might have uninvited guests too..................


  1. Oh, I am soooooo excited for you!! I was wondering when the move would be and it won't be long now. And you will have a room with a view and a room just to be you!! What could be more fantabulous!! Lots to celebrate indeed. I hope the move goes really well and that you have all the strength and stamina you need. Looking forward to seeing the lovely new house sometime on the blog. Meanwhile have a great week thinking about how gorgeous it is all going to be very soon.
    love Sheila

  2. Your new house sounds wonderful. I know what you mean about being cautious about buying houses - you must be so relieved.
    Can't wait to see it!

  3. I'm so happy that it's finally underway -- yee ha .. Next time I'm up there I might just land on your doorstep lol... slugs - yuk

  4. A view of the sea from your magical workroom?? I had no idea!!!! NEATO!

    So much to comment on - congrats on the sure-thing status of the house selling/buying! And what room are those boxes in - surely not a garage? It's too sunny and pretty, and the jasmine...!!! And yes, lots of roses at your new house...

    P.S. That's a very flat-looking slug...

  5. Yeah, congratulations!

    Though leave the slug behind.

    Nina x

  6. ps. sodding seagulls, just wait you will be cursing them along side me!!

    Nina x

  7. oh fabby, I'm SO pleased to hear that everything is speeding ahead with your move, its a delicious if slightly nerve wracking time once the contracts have been exchanged, i remember it well.

    Take it easy tess, hope to see you soon!

  8. How exciting for you all - it looks like you have already done lads of packing! Good luck with the move.

  9. The move has happened! Congratulations. I hope you settle in well. Great that you had a good seaside break. There's nothing better. That bouncy castle snap is wonderful! I always have an urge for a little bounce myself. At 37 am I too old?

  10. Congratulations Tess and good luck! I love the sound of a sea view! x

  11. How exciting to be moving! Can't wait to see that lovely new study--I'm a little jealous!

  12. Welcome back! Glad you had a great time... And so happy things are going so smoothly with the packing, move and all. Will be very excited to see a glimpse of your new place once you're settled. Happy weekend! :o) ((HUGS))

  13. What brilliant news, Missis! I am delighted for you all.And so excited about seeing the house- please can you send me your address when it's safe to do so?!

  14. lol at the slug! Glad you had a nice party and all the best of luck with the move.

    I live near the sea and it is wonderful, I never tire of it.

  15. great news!

    exciting stuff. a part from the slugs that is...


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