Friday, 17 July 2009

last day of school

today is the last day of term, and for E and Miss K, their last day at their school.

yesterday they came home with the most wonderful cards

and E was clearly very sad at bedtime.

daddy came to the rescue, and popped out to the supermarket to buy sweets for them to give to all their friends.

and I printed out party invites, (yes amidst all the moving chaos we're planning a party- we must be mad - oh you knew that already.......) and new address notes.

and this morning we set off in the most horrendous rain (and this would be the day that Miss K had left her coat at school.......) carrying sweets, cards, and lovingly made presents for the teachers

Miss K's design is a book, you can't see the lines of stitches that form the pages, and she delighted in using the lettering on my sewing machine to write the "by Miss K"

E's teacher just had to have a Caterpillar, flowers would NOT do............... just as well I hadn't packed the buttons..... and he sewed them all on himself!

we're off to a cottage for a week tomorrow, leaving behind all the chaos, I just need to pack.... oh and before we go I need to book a new removal company, the one we had chosen is now fully booked - I was supposed to confirm it on Monday, and I forgot - J might just be a bit cross..........
hope you all have a lovely week, and I hope this rain stops!

t x


  1. oh i LOVE the caterpillar how fab is that ! i want one for myself :-)
    enjoy your holidays!!!! hope the move goes well :-)
    Lesley x

  2. Have a great holiday - and a virtual hug to your little ones for their last day at school. It's hard enough having them move between classes!

  3. Have a lovely break, I hope the weather bucks up - it is grey and stormy here...again :(

  4. Lucky teachers - the presents look great.

    Enjoy your break & good luck with the weather.

  5. My emotions have started to kick in this evening. I thought I was doing fine (all day) but for some reason the thought of Florrie not going to nursery school anymore seems to have me welling up - sodding hormones!!

    Have a lovely break,

    take care,

    Nina x

  6. The teacher gifts are lovely - so sweet to see the work that's been put in to them.

    I hope it wasn't too hard for them saying goodbye.

    Have a good break!

  7. What sweet gifts..lucky teachers :)
    I hope you have better weather for your week away..enjoy! :)

  8. Love those bags - the caterpillar is my fave!

    Hope you're having the most wonderful time ever at the seaside, and that everyone is looking forward to the Big Adventure... xoxo

  9. The gifts for teachers are adorable. Hope you have a lovely break and manage to forget all about moving for the week! I'm trusting that the sun will be shining where you are and that you are sleeping really well with no partly packed boxes to distract you!
    love Sheila

  10. School-free...Happy Days to you all! :o) ((HUGS))

  11. Those bags are darling! Have fun at the cottage. Hope the sun shines!

  12. Hope you enjoy your break Tess!

  13. Good luck with it all - I'm sure it will go smoothly and this time soonish you will be in your brand new house by the sea!
    Very exciting indeed ;)

  14. Beautiful; have a lovely holiday ... :0)

  15. What fab bags! You must have made them tess? What lucky, lucky teachers!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  16. Hope the school holidays have got off to a great start!! Love the bags you made for the teachers - perfect gift.


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