Monday, 6 July 2009


this is our latest favourite place to escape to. the beautiful historic house, and gorgeous landscaped grounds are wasted on the little people......
they want to climb, and spin, and bounce.......

we are frantically revisiting all of our favourite Yorkshire places, before we move. although of course as grandparents, friends and other relatives all live here then no doubt we will actually be visiting a lot. meanwhile it's good to have an excuse to escape the chaos of the packing, and more importantly the stupid paperwork involved with the move - some of which I can't find, and it is slowly driving me totally mad (ok, not slowly........)

this is another favourite place

although hidden beneath the peaceful looking waters are very scary creatures.....

quite the biggest Koi carp I've ever seen.
when E was 2 we came here with friends, and just for a moment I lost sight of him. my first thought was not that he would drown in the lake, more that the fish might actually eat him.......

meanwhile, back at home, the biggest danger is that if you sit still for too long

you might end up getting packed!


  1. There'll be new places to explore no doubt - and maybe it is a good idea to put some distance between you and those fish!

    Have a great time storing memories

  2. There is no way I would go near those fish, they are huge!

    Good luck with the packing-love Lou xxx

  3. Oh, Miss K! Please remember to make air holes in the box before you pack yourself in! (It might be wise to pack a snack, too, but don't get into your mum's chocolate stash...she needs it right now.)

  4. Koi Carp can look terrifying when they're huge can't they? I'm so glad you're escaping from the drudgery of packing, and enjoying yourselves. Moving is so filled with mixed emotions, isn't it?
    Think of all your wonderful visits in the future, and remember, you won't be too far away from Yorkshire in your new home.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  5. It is strange how packing is no fun at all but unpacking at the other end is infinitely more enjoyable! Good luck with the rest of the move.

  6. What fun and adventure... glad there's been some enjoyment among the packing & such! :o) Hope all goes well with getting ready to move. ((HUGS))

  7. jeez, now those are big fish.... good luck with the packing x

  8. Those are very scary fish! It's nice to get out and get away from the packing. Hope the rest of the packing goes smoothly!

  9. Those fish are far too big for my liking....

    Although on the other hand, think how good they would be battered :P

  10. Yorkshire has so many beautiful places - I can totally understand why you'd rather visit them than pack. But the great thing about moving somewhere new is that you can discover more interesting locations to explore.

    Good luck with paperwork and packing.

  11. My brother-in-law and his wife used to live in a cottage on Castle Howard land, before they moved to Northumberland.

  12. Great that you are taking some well earned time out to enjoy life amidst all the strain and stress of packing up. I think moving is quite an emotional rollercoaster so keep up the treats! Hope you have a stash of chocolate for those 'grrrr' moments!
    love Sheila

  13. My word those are really big fish! It is sad to leave a place that you love, but so exciting to explore a new place which I am sure you will do once your move is over and you finally get settled in.

  14. Good luck with the move, finger's crossed it all goes well for you. Exciting times!


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