Wednesday, 8 July 2009

road works and diversions

I seem to have spent a lot of today negotiating road works and diversions.......
in amongst a whirlwind 250 mile round trip to visit new schools, buy uniform, visit house, finance stuff etc etc.....
there was a delightful respite of an hour at the beach, photos to follow...

but the true highlight of my car filled day was an experience with a white van driver. now UK readers of this blog may know that white van drivers have a terrible reputation, for poor driving, rudeness, etc etc. Today I met the exception to the rule. he was a Hero of the white van world.

picture the scene
stationary traffic, a helpful electronic road sign that says "road works in 6 miles. expect delays"

IN SIX MILES. we are already stopped..............

so we pull off at the next exit, and sit in traffic lights at the top of the slip road, and start to consult the map. the driver of the white van in front jumps out, runs round to our car, says "where do want to go?", and we say "past these road works" and he says "follow me, I'm going to a funeral I need to get past them too. " to a funeral we think, in a white van....... and then off he speeds, rally driving down tiny country lanes, the way he sped along it was no coincidence that we were 5 miles from Croft, and then 10 minutes later we are back at the motorway well past all the road works, and he waves and speeds off. truly bizarre. thank you, whoever you are, it was quite the experience.

so after this hectic day a day of rest tomorrow you might think.
oh no, after school we head out on the same road but this time going South -overnight stop at some wonderful friends, and then wish me luck, on Friday we're going HERE..........


  1. What a wonderful guy! Sometimes we find angels where we least expect them.

  2. Ooh, nicely done!

    I showed Big Lad that website and his eyes popped out of his head. And then he wept (well, not really, but...) when he discovered that the U.S. version was in faraway California... Have tons o' fun!

  3. how cruel Lynn is to taunt her children with faraway legoland!

    have lots of fun

  4. How cool! Our friends went to Legoland and loved it. I keep on wondering if we should go.

    Lucky you for getting help with getting past roadworks. I hate being stuck in trafic.

  5. Do you think the white van has replaced the white steed?? x

  6. Legoland - I best not tell my children!!

    And what a star Mr White Van Driver.

    Have a lovely day and weekend,

    Nina x

  7. We lurve Legoland in this house! My tip: take your own picnic.

    What a lovely white van man too. When I am cycling around London I find that the van drivers are generally much more considerate than the car drivers. I'm a fan!

  8. my hubbie is an ex white van man and he has the nicest car manners ever always giving way to pretty mums on the school run!

  9. Have a fabulous time! Last time DH took Tall Small to Legoland they stayed until they were thrown out as the park closed. They were very tired by the time they finally came home.

  10. what a top fella! That gives you faith in the world...
    I would love to go to Legoland!

  11. Never judge a man by his van!

    Legoland has been Mecca for some years in this house, sadly outgrown now...

  12. What a great story - it's not often this kind of thing happens is it? Heartwarming!

  13. Oh how lucky will you be to live close to a beach like that!


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