Saturday 26 September 2009

6 weeks

gosh it's been so long since I was here that I don't know where to start...

the two weeks without the internet turned into SIX.............

and then there was the five hours it took me battling with cables, and modem routers and installers....

and 455 posts on google reader which were waiting for me

and now it's past midnight, and I can hardly keep my eyes open, but it's so lovely to be back, I've really missed you all.

reading all those posts and emails was like walking into a room full of long lost friends.



  1. All is right with the world.


  2. Well welcome back friend! Can't wait to hear all your news. Oh, and would you mind sharing your rice pudding recipe?!!!

  3. Glad to see you back as I was missing your posts. :-)

  4. Yay, you're back! It's lovely to see you, we've missed you!

  5. Hi Tess
    Lovely to have you back, I've misssed you and been thinking about you.....six weeks is a long time to be cut off from the www, we did without for 2wks when we moved and I was practically climbing the alls with frustration!!
    Hope all went smoothly with your move and that you and your family are settling into your new life, cant wait to hear all about it and see some pics....
    Sending lots of love

  6. Hurray! You are back - looking forward to hearing all your news.

  7. Hoorah!

    But were you a calmer, zen-like person while you were disconnected, like the psychologists suggest?

  8. Good to have you back, I double checked google reader the other day just to make sure I hadn't accidentally unsubscribed to you. I'd have gone mad without internet access for such a long time!

  9. I've missed you too. Looking forward to hearing all your news.

    I think I'd go crazy with no internet!

  10. Hey, hey Tess,

    It's lovely to hear your voice again.

    Can't wait to hear about all your adventures and see the pictures of your new home and the sea!

    take care and have a super weekend,

    welcome back,

    Nina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Hi Tess!!
    So glad you are back. will be looking forward to hear all the news about the moving and the new house.

  12. Welcome back Tess! Can't wait to hear your news. x

  13. I hope to never move again, quite possible considering my age. It can be so difficult as you've just learned. We all are waiting for descriptions of house what's been happening. Welcome back.

  14. yay welcome back to blogland - how did the move go are you loving the new place?
    hope your settling in well
    Lesley x

  15. Good grief woman, you were missed! Hope moving day went well, chips were consumed on the carpet and that you didn't pack the kettle..
    Welcome back, Missy!x

  16. Hurray!
    I'm glad you're back and have managed to get things sorted
    Now I recommend a lie-in after some late night internetting
    ps. I always have over 400 posts as i have a blog that posts about 5 times daily that i haven't had a chance to look at properly since about june!


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