Sunday 27 September 2009

the story of the move part 1

thanks for all your lovely comments, it's great to be back! and I feel like I've moved in properly now, with all of you here with me.
the actual moving was relatively stress free, ok so the men made a huge fuss about the number of boxes, and some of the garden things, but it all got here, and I sat with the teapot on my knee in our car so there would be no delays on arrival - a girl has to get her priorities right.

boxes unpacked so far: 96...............
boxes still to unpack, some of which may never make it: - about 40
children who managed to escape from the box despite my best attempts with the tape: 1

number of times we lost Freddie in the first week: too many to count. we had to keep the cats locked in at first, so they didn't run away and get lost......... poor Freddie was so stressed that he found a new hiding place everyday, and Miss K kept wandering around wailing that he must have got out. inside cupboards, under beds, and in his cat box kept us looking for a while, but this hiding place was the sure fire winner, who would expect the cat to sleep in the sink..............

bookcases we've had to buy so far: 1
bookcases we still need: 3+
other things we need: spare bed, cupboards for the extra kitchen stuff that is still in boxes, new desk for Miss K who has had a growth spurt and can't get her legs under her old one....., new shower head - I trashed the one that was here within days - oops....
things that we have bought instead: wetsuits for the children, and body boards. oh how they love the sea.

reasons we have done hardly any unpacking, tidying, or sorting out (much to the dismay of my mother...........): the beach, the beach, the beach, some castles and some gorgeous gardens.... oh and the beach...

things we have learnt to take to the beach: flasks of hot cocoa to revive frozen children, containers of water to rinse off sand before the battle of trying to remove wetsuits from frozen children............ and this weekends revelation - deckchairs, a whole new world of comfort! very stripey and stylish they are too, but I'm not doing well with photos lately, need to try a lot harder - not being online has rather de-activated my photograph everything mentality, need to get my head back online too!

I did manage to photograph these dahlias, complete with raindrops, it certainly rained a lot at first, I began to think we might have moved to the rain forest, without the forest bit....

I was hoping to show you some lovely house photos, we have several of the before photos - boxes everywhere, but I haven't quite taken the "after" photos", mostly because it's not tidy enough, but I will soon I promise, and I'll be back with a photo of the view, and also the "gardening" we've done so far...... - it's quite destructive, and will take a while, but somewhere soon there will be photos of a greenhouse to show you - excited? I am.......


  1. so glad to see you back all safe and sound , beach sounds good to me ... unpacking all those boxes , not so good - think I'd be tucked up with yout cat :-)

  2. Let's see...the last time I moved (2001 from Texas back home again)I had stuff that came from Texas and stuff that had been in storage. Just so you don't feel like the Lone Ranger, I still have 2(?), maybe it's 3, boxes that have not been unpacked.

  3. Hurray for making it to "the other side" of moving! I'm preparing to move this winter and right now I'm at the 'avoidance' stage!

  4. The boxes will still be there once the beach weather has gone, and since tidying up is never finshed, I think you're using your time very sensibly :-)

  5. Living the dream 'yeah!!'

    A good tip for the beach is 'always' have some talc on hand it is the best for getting sand off the kiddies even the really wet stubborn stuff!

    Have fun and who needs to unpack when you have the beach, the beach, the beach!

    Welcome to the beach bum life,

    Nina xxxxxxxxxx

  6. I was really looking forward to your moving house post and here it is!! Oh my, and I am just thinking when my time arrives. I love the pic of your child in the box, really funny! :)
    And your cat hiding place is hilarious! Who would have thought! :)

  7. Good god that's a lot of boxes! still, if some of them contained children then I can understand a bit more!

    Glad to see you're settling in gently - very jealous that you have a beach to retreat to!

  8. Great to see you back! And so glad things are going well. It takes time to unpack and make a house a home. I'm sure the beach is providing much joy and distraction in equally wonderful measures--enjoy! Happy Days :o) ((HUGS))

  9. Sounds like you are enjoying your new location by the beach. Glad everything went smoothly :)

  10. yay! you did it! you lucky things being so close to such a gorgeous beach! it's one of my dreams. i'm sure it'll feel like home in no time x

  11. Hahahaha to ALL of it!

    Love the Miss K-in-box photo, but my children are deeply troubled: "But there's TAPE on it!" Could you send proof that she escaped? Or money for trauma counseling? xoxo

    P.S. my word verif is "latedev," which is true. I've always been a late bloomer.

  12. How exciting!! how far from the beach then Tess? is it walking distance? I have sea envy!!
    You've got all the time in the world to unpack, just enjoy yourselves and your new home

  13. It all sounds wonderful! I have beach envy too and I'm glad you prioritised wetsuits and bodyboards!

    **whispers** I still have 2 or 3 boxes to unpack in my garage...and I've been here 7 years!

  14. SO glad to see you back online. I really have missed you. Wow, that is a lot of boxes although I am not sure I counted ours when we moved last. What fun to be near the beach. Oh, and what can I say about Freddie! Such a cutie.


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