Wednesday, 4 November 2009

stone towers

I took these photos a few weekends ago because I loved the way there was not just one stone tower

but almost a whole flock of them

each one precariously balanced

this is the one we added to the collection
this week I don't think I could make a single stone balance, it feels like there are stones crashing down all around. Miss K is having a hard time at school, and it feels like it's the end of the world for her, last night we had 4 hours of tears...... and today I've spoken to three teachers, made an appointment to go to school, spent hours reading parenting articles, and pondering self help book purchases, and eaten so much chocolate I feel slightly ill........
meanwhile E has started to compile a birthday present ideas list, so far it has on it ; a guitar, more lego (as if we didn't have enough) and a x board which as far as I can tell is the most dangerous looking skate board in the world

someone once told me it gets easier as the children get older

they lied


  1. *hugs* Is it the new school she doesn't like? Poor girl, she doesn't seem to have much luck with them.

  2. Oh Tess! I'm so sorry. It doesn't get easier, just...different. New problems, new challenges. What's a parent to do? I hope all the research turns up good solutions, and quickly. Thinking of you... xoxo

    P.S. Beautiful stone towers!!

  3. Oh, dear. That sounds like hard work.

    If it helps, I find that whisky takes the edge off chocolate nausea.

  4. I definitely find parenting harder as they get older. Or maybe I just get more anxious as I get older! Wiping noses and dealing with tantrums seems much simpler than school anxiety and best-friend traumas. Hope everything settles down soon. N xox

  5. They definitely lied!!

    I hope all is OK? And things will sort out over time. It is so difficult this whole parenting lark and growing up lark as well!

    take care and lots of love and huge, huge hugs,

    Nina xxxxxxx

  6. Poor Miss K. I hope everything starts to even out soon for her and the stones stop falling over

  7. I'm afraid they did lie. New problems are faced and dealt with. Just being there for your children is enough for them even if it doesn't feel like it at the time.

  8. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way! Hope the teachers are experienced in dealing with this type of thing - it is common problem for girls - growing up can be hard but they can learn to be more resiliant.

  9. So sorry that your daughter's having a hard time Tess. It's heartbreaking to see your child so distraught. I was in school yesterdy chatting to my son's teacher about some issues and I realise this is just the beginning...

    Sending positive vibes your way!

  10. Ahh... Tess... Sorry to hear about the crumbling towers ... I hope you manage to sort things out for Miss K - I remember the same scenario when I was at school, it's horrid. If we knew just how difficult 'older' children are, we would never have any!! Childbirth is the easy bit! The Terrible Two's have nothing on the Terrifying Teens.... But with every horror moment, there are lots of wonder moments to compensate. It'll be ok. xxx

  11. I make stone towers whenever we go anywhere near the beach. It's one of my favourite things.

    I'm so sorry Miss K is having a tough time. It's incredibly hard to see them unhappy at school - just the worst. At those times, I do feel very tempted to pack it all in, move to the Outer Hebrides and homeschool them!

  12. Poor Miss K. My daughter changed schools in 4th grade, which is probably age 9, and it was just miserable until it wasn't. I baked a lot of apple pies for her, which seemed to help. It took a while, though. Is Miss K about that age? It's a hard time to start a new school, but she'll probably be okay in a bit.


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