Sunday, 29 November 2009


if........... you go down to the woods today

it will be VERY muddy

occasional breaks in the trees will afford you fantastic views,

you can fantasize about choosing the most enormous Christmas tree in the world...

and it will be just as well that you have essential supplies, and an OS map, as you will get quite lost, and it will start to get rather dark................

and when you finally find the car it will remind you that you are dangerously low on fuel.

nothing like a Sunday afternoon adventure!


  1. At least you got out! Today has been the darkest, gloomiest day down here - all my plans to get the last of my bulbs in were scuppered. Maybe tomorrow...

  2. Oh my goodness, you certainly know how to make an exciting day! It's been far too wet here this afternoon to even think of going out. Trudging to the woodpile and the shed was as far as I could face.

  3. But hopefully enough fuel to get home?

    One of the houses behind ours has the most MAHOOSIVE conifer in the garden, however all requests to the lovely that we go under cloak of darkness and cover it in fairy lights and a giant star have been met with a bemused/confused/what-are-you-thinking look!

  4. Nothing like a gripping, fly by the seat of your pants adventure!

  5. Oh, MUCH more exciting than my stay-at-home Sunday with sniffly small child! Good-looking snacks, too... xoxo

  6. 'Wow' that was an adventure and you are far braver than me,

    hope yo made it home ok??

    Have a wonderful week,

    Nina x

  7. and you DID have mince pies...!x

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  9. That's what childhood memories are made of!

    ( deleted previous comment by mistake!)

  10. ...mmm...what a lovely outing! Wonderful photos! Thanks for taking us along for some scenes and fresh air... Happy Days ((HUGS))

  11. sounds like a perfect sunday afternoon lol


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