Saturday 24 July 2010


we used to tease my late father in-law about his fondness for blue shirts.

not just any blue though. preferably a nice light blue we called "bus driver blue"

on a recent visit we cleared out some of his things, and a selection of blue shirts came back with us, and were hung in J's wardrobe.

where they felt quite at home..................

like father, like son I suppose. it must be genetic.

I did once try to buy J a different colour. as you can see it wasn't a great success.....


  1. Mr DC only wears blue, too, which is very boring when I get his old shirts to chop up for patchwork. Fortunately my BIL is a bit more adventurous with his shirts, and my sister doesn't sew!

  2. All men aspire to a wardrobe of matching shirts and trousers in a row. Or so I am told.

  3. They do seem to keep to the same colours don't they? I've given up trying to change mine.

  4. G and I both own almost exclusively blue shirts. Of course it's entirely my fault as I buy all the shirts. But it does make it so easy to sort the wash and get dressed in the morning!

    K x

  5. Oh, Tess - this was such a beautiful happy-sad post. Your affection for both lads shines through so brightly.


    P.S. I seem to have mostly blue clothing, too. Unintentionally. What can it mean? Perhaps I should take a page from Little Lad's tie-dye book...

  6. hub doesn't have to wear shirts for work so he only has a few checky ones

  7. 99% of BigBeans shirts are that sort of blue. And I have to say that they look very good too. I do think that that sort of blue looks good on everyone. Especially with a nice tie and shiny shoes...

    What colour next Missus? Ax

  8. Ha! Once they find a look that 'works' for them, they seem to just stick to it and buy more of the same - least that's what mine does.

  9. Ah, this is sweet... My hubby is a blue mane too. Blue and gray! I tried introducing a shirt that had a bit of purple about, but that didn't go over well. I got him a rather fun, bright pistachio-green t-shirt one summer for his birthday, he wears it very seldom in favor of the blues and grays... I give up...LOL! Happy Days ((HUGS))

  10. My boys are the same way, except their shirts are red.


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