Monday, 26 July 2010


I tried really hard to join in the blue shirt party.

but it was no good, it didn't suit me, so I went for a new white shirt instead.....

and thinking of white I'm really missing this white rose from our old garden, as soon as I find somewhere who sells it we're getting one.

but I'm hugely excited that my orchid is flowering again

and so is the peace lilly

and out in the garden a tiny viola is holding it's own amongst the petunias,

these daisies are oh so cheerful

and I still can't bring myself to cut the lawn, there is so much more clover than there is grass and the bees are loving it....

recent posts seem to have turned into an colour series.
white was suggested by the lovely magic bean, what next?


  1. The rose is so beautiful. I do hope you find a replacement. I feel the same way about the peony in my old garden in Williamstown...

    K x

  2. I love clover!
    I used to get so mad at my dad when he mowed the lawn and chopped it to smithereens.

  3. Oh! White loveliness. I had two flowers left on my white rose and a lot of dead heads. I was snipping away to tidy it up for Open Studios and I snipped both the flowers off! What a spoon.

  4. Pretty, so very pretty.

    Purple next?

  5. the daisies look like Feverfew , I've got some too - cures headaches apparantly. What is the Rose called?

  6. Gorgeous rose and yes, keep the clover we need the bees. Red?


  7. You can't go wrong with white flowers. And what a co-inky-dink: my white orchid (which I thought was dead and gone) has just started reblooming too! Magical.

    (I agree with Dotty V: hope purple is coming soon. As my word verification says, "bring." Ha!)


  8. Oooo, you really did it! Feel very honoured. Such white richness at such short notice.
    We have feverfew in our garden and it selfseeds at a huge rate- love it.
    Don't think I deserve to suggest the next colour but I'd like someone else to suggest yellow.
    Have a lovely day, Ax

  9. The orchid is beautiful, I would love one but none of our windows face the right way, either too hot or not enough light. The rose is beautiful too, what variety is it?

  10. I was going to say your daisies looked like chamomile, and I think they and feverfew are from the same family. Lovely whatever they are!

  11. Thanks for telling me the name of the rose.
    Sue x

  12. oh dear maybe I threw out my orchid too soon. :(

  13. Such beautiful pics. I LOVE clover. I'm always sad when the lawn gets mowed and the clover is gone. Why won't they just mow around the clover?

  14. Lovely photos, especially the rose. Hope you find a replacement soon. How about purple next?

  15. wow, that rose is beautiful, it looks like crisp cotton sheets..x

  16. Hi Tess, Just caught up with you, I've bee a tad busy lately, doing night shift. I love what you are doing with the colout themes, I especially love white flowers, they are so peaceful. xx


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