Monday, 12 December 2011

happy birthday Miss K

It was Miss K's birthday on Saturday. we now officially have a teenager in the house.......
when she looked outide this was her present. well she got lots of books and music too, but the snow was hugely exciting.

later there was a sleepover, and giggling, and making snow globes, and cake. of course!

the car and I got a present on Saturday too - winter tyres. we are now prepared for the worst the British weather can throw at us, so hopefully from now on we will have the mildest winter on record.


  1. Birthday snow is the best.

  2. A huge Happy Birthday to MissK!

    I read your last sentence as "the car and I" and wondered why a moggie would be excited about snow tyres ...

  3. Oh rats, and I can't type - I meant "the cat and I". What a muppet.

  4. Teen...oh, that's BIG... happy first teen year to your sweet K. Be driving safe... Taking a moment during the pre-holiday "rush" to greet you and wish your & yours a wonderful winter and end-of-year celebrations! We head to the USA at the end of the week to share two weeks with my family. Joy to you yours this season, and all the best in 2012! :o) ((HUGS))

  5. Happy Birthday to Miss K.

    Can't believe you have snow, my daughter will be jealous, she keeps on asking if it will snow tomorrow. I'm hoping we'll avoid getting any this year :-D

  6. Happy Birthday Miss K :D The only thing that beats snow on your birthday is snow on Christmas day!

  7. Happy Birthday, Miss K! And snow is definitely a top birthday present.

    K x

  8. Happy Birthday.
    Happy Monday.
    Happy car.

  9. Now I bet that is the best birthday wish.....ever - snowwwww!

    Happy birthday to your now official teenager - mine is still in the pre teen stage.....gawd help me!
    Nina x

  10. Happy birthday to Miss K, and heart congrats to her mother for surviving the sleeplessover!!! xoxoxo

  11. Well, that was supposed to be HEARTY congrats, but I rather like heart congrats, too. xo


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