Tuesday, 6 December 2011

what day is it?

I wrote an email to a friend this morning, and ended it happy Wednesday.
a couple of hours later it occurred to me that it is Tuesday.........

the days are rushing by in a bit of a blur,
and I feel a bit like this

but if I slow down a bit then things calm down, and become clearer,

and sometimes amongst the chaos you find you have booked a treat for yourself (by booking a workshop for your sister in law, and then having to go too!) and now I am waiting impatiently for my glass Christmas bauble to cool safely and then be posted to me.

and then let the decorating begin xxx


  1. Yes, because you have not only Christmas but a bevy of birthdays! Hope it's all fun, though. And I'm eager to see that bauble! xoxo

  2. please, don't say... I don't think I have a free day between now and xmas!!


  3. I'm sorry, you made a blown glass bauble? We shall have to start calling you Kirstie! (I am beyond envious.)

  4. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!!! That news has made me speechless. Ax

  5. Time really is rushing by, isn't it! So envious of your bauble making. Even the word bauble is a lovely thing! We are buying our tree this weekend, I can.t wait! Laura xx

  6. Wow! What fun!
    By the way what's with the anonymous comment???

  7. wow, you blew glass, that's so cool & very brave too... i would worry that i'd breathe in not out : (
    looking forward to seeing your bauble xx

  8. I'm with you with the blur - where oh where did this year go?

  9. A blur is such a good description of this time of year! And you made a glass bauble?? I am really looking forward to seeing it!
    Helen x

  10. You will need to do a show & tell for us....

    I have to say, some days I forget the gender of my children... So your still doing well!


  11. Glass Blowing??? Really??? How brilliant! Can't wait to see...


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