Monday, 12 November 2012

confounded by compounds

Starting Today

The Compound Word Project.

created by Domesticali, fun for all to play.

except that I'm stuck already...............

pop over and see how well you can do!


  1. Noooo - drink a cuppa, then go back to it and say what you see!!
    It'll come to you.

  2. Think I'll be popping back later for another look, as I was stumped as well.

  3. Me too, I was all cocky at getting the first one -now am utterly bamboozled.Fun though isn't it and I can already feel a growing sense of community bamboozlement.

  4. Hun. You simply cannot be stuck on that one...
    But seeing that Sue is bamboozled, perhaps I have got it wrong??

  5. I need to get my facts right. Didn't realise a very tricky one had been added. Huh. !

  6. I am feeling good about these, as I have an answer for each one so far. They may not be the *right* answers but hey, I'll take what can get. Fun stuff!

  7. I'm the same, I have answers, I just suspect they're the wrong answers!


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