Wednesday, 21 November 2012

fizzy and sweet

Miss K had a sleepover during half term, on halloween in fact.
At 13/14 they are clearly feeling at that inbetweeny age when they're not children any more, and not adults yet either.
Don't want to appear foolish, don't want to miss out.
Not at all sure what we want to do.........
Don't want to play party games, very happy to play with pizza dough. .....
Don't want to decorate the house, but very happy to decorate cookies - ours weren't quite as neat as these
Want to have grown up party food, but not old enough for grown up party drinks, so we started thinking mocktails. Cocktails but without the alcohol. Miss K then proceeded to get carried away with smoothie recipes requiring weird and unusual ingredients (ok so maybe papaya isn't "that" weird, but my shop of choice doesn't stock them.....)
Anyway we were rescued from our dilemma by the offer of a bottle of Shloer berry punch

describe by Shloer themselves;   The limited edition conjures up the taste of autumn with hints of blackberry combined with grape juices; best served over ice with slices of pear and blackberries for a sparkling and fruity autumnal drink  

We served it with slices of orange and lemon, and ice and put it in fancy wine glasses, and the girls thought it was fantastic. I mean what's not to like really -
pink, fizzy, sweet, looks like a cocktail - recipe for a happy teenager really!

as for the parental view, well I personally found it too sweet *,  but I remember drinking it when I was a teenager (it only came in two flavours then - a "white" and a "red") and it used to be such a treat.  
*9.9g sugar in 100ml drink = 2 1/2 teaspoons of sugar.... but then again there's no caffeine in it, and it's a definite party time drink not an everyday kind of drink, so I can forgive it the sugar levels, and will no doubt be convinced to buy some more for her birthday party.

what's your favourite party drink ? cocktails or mocktails? or do you have a favourite drink from your childhood? I'd love to know.

just for the record, I wasn't paid to write this post, but we did receive a free bottle for review.



  1. Shloer takes me back to my childhood too. It was what the hotels my dad worked as company secretary for used to serve. They were small but old firm of temperance hotels and so this is what they served. We often used to go for Sunday lunch there after church and my mum would complain about the veg being tinned. It was dreadful food really when I look back.

    We children would also have it with our Christmas dinner. I still by it for my younger two to have at Christmas.

    1. buy -obviously. Must eat more chocolate to stave off this dementia.

  2. My Dad used to rustle up a mean Shirley Temple - grenadine, ginger ale and a maraschino cherry. The dizzy heights of sophistication.

  3. I remember it well. It's what we had before we were legally allowed to drink Martini and Lemonade! J :-)

  4. My friend Elizabeth Shaw used to serve unset jelly mixed with lemonade at her birthday parties. I thought it was the height of glamour. My drink of choice now is a cuupa or glass of white. Well, you can't drink champagne every day can you??

  5. Mocktails are fabulous for those who are too young for the hard stuff and adults who don't enjoy alcohol. My 19 year old daughter hates alcohol so I've found a non alcoholic champagne which she loves and mixed drinks with non alcoholic bases. Sounds like your daughter and friends had fun.
    Anne xx

  6. I always associate shloer with a wedding I went to years ago. A Methodist friend of mine (tee total family) married an Irish man, who was very definitely not tee total. Every half an hour or so the Irish contingency got up to go the bar. I was a bridesmaid, plus my parents were there so I couldn't go and join them!
    No cocktails here, champagne or wine does the job!

  7. Ooooh, I bet our children would love this too! That inbetweeny age is hard, isn't it?

    I came over to your blog, after seeing the GORGEOUS sounding recipe you posted as a comment on Belinda's Sarah Raven post. One word: yummy! Anyway, I'm so glad I id because your blog is lovely! I've subscribed!


  8. The early teens aren't the easiest to please, but they do enjoy some fun stuff :)

    I loved fizzy sarsaparilla. My Dad is from Lancashire and sees it as an everyday drink but growing up in Somerset where it wasn't popular it seemed a much cooler thing to drink than coca cola!

  9. Yes, that inbetweeny age is a challenge! I have two falling within the range right now, once we're through I'll be an expert for sure. In the meantime, any type of drink containing alcohol will do ;)

    Janine x

  10. We used to have shloer for special meals when we were growing up, called it 'children's wine'! My own children still think it's pretty exciting now!

  11. We do buy Shloer occasionally - very occasionally - for a Sunday meal perhaps. But I don't remember having anything other than milk or water when I was younger - perhaps because we were uber-skint, or perhaps because we had to carry everything back from the shops.


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