Saturday, 27 April 2013

happiness is

happiness is
the joy of a spontaneous day out.

for no reason other than that the sun is shining.

 children squealing with happiness at the totally deserted playground.

happiness is watching them hang upside down, and run and swing and play
and they are so happy that they don't mind that I have the camera out.
this week happiness is also
good friendships
a new nephew
spring sunshine
laughing whilst hiding from a hail storm
a long hot bath after a longer than planned walk
(need to work on my route planning skills........ ooops)
a trip out today to a gluten free food fair.
hope you have lots of happy things to fill your weekend. xxx


  1. Oh hurray! I need to make more lists like this.

    *whispers* A gluten-free FOOD FAIR?

  2. That looks like a fabulous playground.

  3. What hair!!!
    Happiness is not having anything planned for the whole day after a craaazy week. Yippee!!

  4. ooo sunshine and a long hot bath after a windy walk. definitely my idea of happiness, also a cup of tea by the fire. lush! I hope the sun remains for more happy days. - Annie

  5. I love your list! It looks like you had a VERY happy week!

  6. I do love days like that. Gorgeous long hair, my girls would love if they could grow there hair so long.

    Nina x

  7. Fabulous list, the shining sun is bringing out the happy in all of us. Have a happy rest of the week xx

  8. What a fabulous play park! What a happy week! I think you covered the five senses nicely there. J x

  9. Hello Tess,

    Sounds like a fabulous day and made even better with the sun shinning.

    Happy May

  10. I often think the spontaneous stuff is the best stuff ... certainly looks like fun!

  11. the nice weather makes everything so much better!

  12. Pure and simple joy, thanks for spreading it! Best wishes to you Tess,
    Janine x


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