Tuesday, 7 May 2013

fancy a stroll?

Fancy coming for another stroll? You'll need to pack some snacks, we're going for a long one.
Not on the coast path this time, no we're making three circular walks that pivot from a central point, which has comfort facilities and tea.
So uphill first we go, stop to look back and down and take a deep breath.

Loop back and sit out a hail storm.  6.5 miles so far.
Sulk for a while when you realize the camera battery has died.......
Walk round the river path, past the graffiti and back to the central point again. 12 miles.
Resolve the camera issue and set off again, the longest loop is ahead of us, and there's new territory to explore.

Enter Hulne Park, part of Northumberland Estates, with a series of footpaths to follow, we're on the blue path today,  up the hill we go.

Through woodland, and with views of the Cheviots, 

across pastures and riverbanks,

then back through the woods where we are being watched.
They blend in so beautifully but it's worth trying to spot them. 

beep. L's phone app tells us we've walked the required distance. Shame I made a slight route planning error and we're still two miles from home. Time to call upon  some positive mental attitude, striding up the last hill we are chanting "we're doing it, we're getting up the hill" when we're spotted by a friend. 
She thinks we're mad.
She could be right.
22 miles.
do your feet hurt? 
I've worn out my trainers, time for a new pair......


  1. Bloody hell missus. That is amazing. And well done for the long walk too...Ax

  2. Whew! I am tired, but what beauty surrounded the walk. It's so lovely where you live. Thanks for the walk. I look forward to more.

  3. Good for you! I'd join you if I were nearer...!

  4. Um, Tess? Could we please skip the hail storm? Also, you make better snacks than I do.

    Lacing up my trainers...

  5. Beautiful photos again. I'd love to walk through countryside like that. Maybe you should be thinking about a pair of trail shoes?

  6. Great effort and beautiful pics and yes, my feet are hurting at the thought of all that walking.......

    CLaire :}

  7. Sorry, did you say 22??? Blimey. This is serious walking territory.

  8. Wow! That's impressive! But, with your gorgeous scenery, it seems like it would be easy not to even notice the distance. I would have been stuck at the deer -- might not have made it home! ;-D

  9. Oh my goodness. You are completely putting me to shame. RIght, I'd better do the only thing I can do and get on with some fish for you ...

  10. You must be so fit. I puff and pant going up a simple Cornish Hill.

  11. Wow. Your leg muscles must be in great shape by now. J x

  12. Wow that walk is almost a marathon. I say take a well deserved day off

    Helen xx

  13. Beautiful walk, beautiful photos. You must be super-fit. Did you shelter from the storm in a nice tea-shop? xCathy

  14. Now that was a loooooong walk. I could have done it once, but not since the arthritis in my feet started up (which is so unfair, frankly, as I used to be a six miles a day girl) ... so I love walking along with you virtually, even when it does hail!


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