Sunday, 12 May 2013


Are you ready for another walk? It's a figure of eight route today and I've got a map for you this time so you know where we're going.
Starting near the bottom at Druridge Bay we're heading south to Cresswell.

Here is a fantastic ice cream shop, and ice cream coloured houses. It's cold and blustery though, so it's not really ice cream weather.
At Cresswell turn round and breathe a sigh of relief that the wind is now longer blowing in your face, and walk back along the beach. Past where we started from there's a much better view of Coquet Island than last time I was on this beach, apparently the puffins have started nesting, must get boat trip booked soon.
I Love puffins.

Approaching Warkworth now, and there's a cricket match on the green.
No time to stop though, keep going, for every mile walked you can have a jelly baby.
Past Warkworth Castle, ignoring the grey skies, we have a bubble of protection you see.
It will not rain.

Now we walk along the river for a while and then we're back to the beach, and then it's time to turn round and head back to the start, although first L needed a little feet up time....

At 22 miles there's a shop, time for another drink. Note to self - after a day of eating jelly babies (and a cereal bar, a peanut butter sandwich, a banana, handfuls of almonds and dried apricots....) whilst a lucozade sport drink might seem like a very good idea, they should come with a health and safety warning. Firstly you will get covered in bright pink frothy bubbles as you try and decant it into your sports bottle, and 20 minutes later the sugar high you experience will leave you laughing uncontrollably until you can't walk and your sides hurt....  The energy provided will get you back to the car however, even if you aren't allowed the last miles jelly baby as apparently you've had quite enough sugar.............
Oh boy, that water is icy cold, but it is the perfect solution for hot tired feet.

Want to see how far we went?
26.2 miles.
Why you might ask? Very good question. Well it's to prove we can.
In four weeks time I'll be doing it again, in Edinburgh at midnight, when you are all tucked up fast asleep.
ok, remember to stretch really well after your walk, and you probably deserve a nice cup of tea and a hot bath.
so that's what I did this weekend, what did you get up to?


  1. Oh!! I am loving these walks that you are doing. I can sit on my sofa and enjoy every mile with you. I think I should share the jelly babies too because I need to keep my energy up.

    Don't forget to link us to your fund raising page.

    1. lovely to have you walking along with me, have a jelly baby. x

      I've put a link to my fundraising page on the side of my blog, click on the little sandy footprint x

  2. That's a good distance travelled on foot--well done! LOVE seeing the sights along the way. Much as I love a good walkies, the feet up & cuppa sounds even better. ;o) ((HUGS))

  3. Ohmygosh -- I'm LOVING these walks you're taking us on. And, while I'm SO happy for you, I'm awfully jealous -- oh, how I'd love to take them with you. You're a girl after my own heart. First of all, you love puffins. I've never seen them in the wild. I've been to puffin places 5 times, but always at the wrong time of year. THIS year is going to be different. I WILL see a real live puffin or I will burst! And Secondly, you've shown us the ice cream store. I really DO need to take these walks with you, as I could teach you the error of your ways. "it's not really ice cream weather" ... tsk, tsk. ALL weather is Ice Cream weather!!! ;-D

  4. 26 miles. LADY!! You are a wonder. And one jelly baby per mile is just cruel.

  5. Wow, wow, wow you must have boundless energy by now .. well, not after your walk obviously! Respect to you, Tess. I love puffins too. We took a boat trip off the coast of Dorset a few years back to see them, cute little things.
    Last weekend we walked too. Ooh let me see, about 2 miles? Maybe?

  6. Oh wowowow! I always consider myself a walker/hiker/runner but i lay my pride and badge down at your feet! You have motivated my lazy saturday afternoon self to clean and then take my boys on an even later afternoon stroll. or hike. or something. you are awesome. xo

  7. I'm so impressed! wow tess. That's a long walk....


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