Saturday 25 May 2013

finding solace in sparkly things.

the last few weeks have been interesting.

the car broke down dramatically. AGAIN. this time on the brow of a hill, so that it required the company of two police cars whilst the car was loaded onto a tow truck, and driven to the garage - who announced a unbelievably large repair bill. We applied the "three strikes and you're out" rule, and have changed the car.......

meanwhile a valve burst on the hot water tank and we had water dripping through the ceiling.

I wrote a "to do" list, and once it reached two pages of A4 I got a bit overwhelmed and went for a cup of tea instead, and got out my colouring pencils and drew a picture of a mermaid outfit.

Then I started to collect lots of sparkly things. In times of stress you can never have too many sparkly things. This week things have been much calmer. The sun shone today and all is well. It is the start of half term and if things start to get a bit hairy again at least I the start of a mermaid outfit. And a new quote to live by.

"life isn't about learning to weather the storm, it's about learning how to dance in the rain"

do you have a favourite quote or saying? I could do with some spares. just in case......


  1. Don't you just hate weeks like that when everything seems to happen at once and we are struggling to come up for air. I hope you found refuge in all things sparkly and multiple cups of tea. May this week be HEAPS better.
    Anne xx

  2. Oh boo to all the horrid happenings. Thanks for this quote - I shall keep it in mind xxx

  3. Sparkles are good. I think more glitter probably improves everybody's life. Sparkle on!

  4. You either laugh or cry. And crying does bad things to mascara.

  5. You're right, one can never have too many sparkles. Anything that brightens a horrid day, or in this case, week. Glad this week is better.

  6. At lease you can dance in sunshine today! Sorry you are having a rubbish time.......Keep sparkling it can only get better xxxxx

  7. Don't you just get rotten times when everything seems to go wrong at the same time. We do! I love
    Dolly Parton's quote. "If you want rainbows, you've got to put up with some rain!"
    Hope evreything settles down soon> Kathy x

  8. OOO i am glad things have calmed down, what a hecktic week! Can't wait to see the mermaid outfit. Dancing in the rain seems good to me. - Annie

  9. I have written a few to do lists like that one, eekk! One of my all time fav quotes is "All will be well". Sometimes not how you had imagined it, but somehow, in the end, everything works out ok!

  10. The quote you've used has been my favourite for years. I also find 'Leap and the net will appear' quite handy.

    Hope the ups and downs are behind you and you're now travelling a level road :)

  11. Oh, do have better days and a wonderful weekend. (I am a little late here.)
    I hope the sun is shining for you..literally and figuratively.

  12. "In times of stress you can never have too many sparkly things." Oh, that is sooo true, Tess... I think I might have to borrow that for my new mantra. ;o) Hope things will be more smoother sailing there soon... LOVE the idea of the mermaid outfit. Is this for you, for summer holidays maybe?! ((HUGS))


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