Friday 12 April 2013

Friday random

a few random thoughts of the week.

it's all very well trying to clean your microwave in an eco friendly manner, but if you put half a lemon in a bowl of water in the microwave and turn it on for a few minutes you are probably meant to clean wipe it out straight away. if you leave it for 3 days you open the door to a rather nasty mouldy mess.  and get the bleach out after all.........

when things say "do not wash" sometimes they really mean it. I have always subscribed to the theory that a gentle hand wash is always going to be fine, and if something is dry clean only I just won't have it in the house. So I washed the covers on the bean bags I ordered from the Olympic stadium from Remains of the games. I have to say whilst it was exciting to think we'd bought something that was part of the Olympics in reality it was a complete nightmare. You had to pay for the product with no idea what the delivery costs might be, and then wait forever for a delivery quote. The products said they would be used but in good condition, but the covers on our beanbags were filthy. I think it was warehouse dirt from the packing, and we may just have been unlucky as my brother bought one for my niece and it was fine. Anyway.  It said do not wash and I ignored it. I decanted all of the beans and washed off all the warehouse grime. I failed to account for the fact that the fire retardant coating on the inside of the bags would disintegrate and then stick to the outside like glue. There was a LOT of rinsing. And some heated tempers. But finally they were clean, and very much loved they are too.

a 3 egg cake mixture will rise and swell over the edge of my sponge tin and all over the bottom of the oven when you are trying to bake for the spring show, even though it never has before.

if you spend 30 minutes carefully stirring bubbling caramel to make fudge, then a last minute decision to add some white chocolate is a Very Bad Idea.  Crumbled mess anyone? However if you add a large dollop of golden syrup and some oats to the pan and then bake it makes quite awesome chocolate fudge flapjack..............

I have entered daffodils in the spring show that are still in bud. I am hoping a warm sport hall will cause them to open overnight.

14 mile training walk planned for tomorrow. I might take some flapjack with me................


  1. One of those days huh? Flapjack is a good remedy I find: eat before, during and after the 14 mile hike!! J x

  2. Some days are diamonds, some days are stone as they say!
    That is a long walk. Happy weekend.

  3. I sometimes think those labels should come in two types, 'Do not wash' and 'DO NOT WASH EVER, IT WILL NEVER FIT AGAIN!!!'

  4. You have had a very interesting week it would seem. It's good to hear you were able to rescue the fudge. Sounds delicious.
    Anne xx

  5. I've just checked what the kilometre equivalent of 14 miles is and I think you are going to need the flapjack. Good luck with the daffodils.

  6. Oops, do you mind that I'm laughing a little? What a relief you managed to salvage the caramel, all else is bearable after that. You know, that is exactly how some of the best recipes and other nuggets of enlightenment have been discovered?!
    Enjoy that walk, you mad woman x

  7. Hi Tess,

    Some days are like that and glad that you got the bean bags sorted in the end.
    Hope the training walk goes well and good luck with the daffodils.

    Happy weekend

  8. We're back! And I think I saw you when we turned right at Scotch Corner earlier today... It wasn't you? Oh, it must have been another Nutter doing a 14 mile walk...

  9. Sometimes life just seems to do these things to you doesn't it?? But the flapjack recipe sounds very delicious :) I hope the 14 mile walk went well...we just had a 3 mile one (and no yummy flapjack!)
    Helen x

  10. Yep, we all have days (weeks, months) like that. Hope you've enjoyed your mad walk today!

  11. Oh what problems I've been having commenting on Blogger...I am reading, I promise. Hopefully I've found a way round it at last.
    I once washed a dry clean only chenille throw. It disintegrated in the washer, just turned to fluff. Blocked the washer and the drain, took 3 days to sort out. I still ignore the labels, though!

  12. I'm so glad I'm not the only person to do any......maybe even ALL of these things! Enjoy your walk, half way picnics are the best!

  13. What a nightmare re: Olympic beanbags. Though I'm so glad you've managed salvage them.
    I've very recently had the same problemas 'Rattling On'. Though it actually broke the washing machine and I've had to folk out for a new one. Shhh, you mustn't tell my other half that I tried to wash a chenille throw, he'd kill me. Though I am surprised that he never asked why all the 'fluff' coming out of the washing machine was a pretty Lilac colour!!!
    Hope your daffs do well.x

  14. At first I thought all of your random thoughts were going to be sad, but then you made some diamonds out of a few of them. I hope you enjoyed your training walk ... oh to have a training walk in your countryside. When you're having a bad day just remember...a bad day where you are is MUCH more exciting than a bad day here!

  15. I shudder at the thought of decanting beanbag beans. But then I have seen some things that a human being should never see, and which I will never speak of (and which was far more traumatic than bean bag beans, and which I don't know why on earth I brought up in the first place).

    I love your lemon story. Go eco.


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