Friday, 28 June 2013

Friday random

It's raining. I was hoping for a walk on the beach before setting up at the arts festival but that's not going to happen.....

I just bought a frame and when I got it out of the packet it's all damaged. Back to the shops. Hoping the extra trip won't be too much mileage, the car is telling me to REFUEL. insistently. I am ignoring it..........
whilst I have time to sit here and refuel myself with a cup of tea and half an hour blog catch up I don't have time to go to the petrol station......(ok mostly it's because I can't stand the smell........) 
 hope I don't regret this decision later.......
(edited later, I did most of the driving about and then caved in and went and queued for an age for petrol. horrid stinky stuff. but I couldn't face the idea of  breaking down in the torrential rain......)

google reader is closing down on Monday, I've put a bloglovin link on the sidebar, it's easy to import all your subscriptions. 

photos from Boulmer lifeboat station. thankfully the lifeboat itself is a bit newer than the accompanying vehicles...........


  1. Eeek. Bad frame and petrol fumes.
    What is all this about Google reader? Does it affect me? What do I need to do, pray tell?

  2. Wishing you a wonderful experience at the art festival, and here's hoping you didn't run out of petrol.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I hope you're not stranded, out of gas somewhere as we speak LOL!

  4. Well - hope you get this as I am all at sea with this bloglovin thing and Google Plus and Google reader - aaaagh! It's only recently that I have stopped getting instant headaches from the smell of petrol stations! As a child, I remember holding my breath, so I didn't sniff the fumes! xCathy

  5. Wonderful images. I'm not too keen on the smell of petrol either, stinky stuff as you say, but so necessary.

  6. A perfectly understandable order of business as long as you don't run out of petrol. I hope the arts fesitival is/was fun. T x

  7. I have come up with a cunning plan - we use my car when we go into town on Thursdays and purely by coincidence I sometimes need diesel, so he fills it while I go off to pay, avoiding the nausea-inducing smell!!
    Super photos!


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