Saturday, 16 November 2013

jam jars

a few weeks ago Annie at Knitsofacto wrote a wonderful post about jam jars.
As I looked around the house I saw I use them all the time.
Some of them have fabric scraps in.

There are jars filled with buttons.
and jars filled with beads.
And a cupboard full of jars filled with almonds, dried cranberries, coconut flakes, flaxseeds, and lentils.
There are jars of coloured pencils on my daughter's window sill, and jars of knitting needles on mine.
Sometimes there are jars of flowers, or sprigs of mint I am trying to root.
There are no jars full of weird salads/cookie mixtures/desserts as can be found endlessly on pinterest.

And due to the overuse of jars for an endless variety of there are not enough jars for the latest batch of blackberry and apple jam.
jam in a mug anyone?
do you think this could catch on?


  1. Jam mug most definitely has a ring to it.

  2. Jam in a mug...yummy...Mug jam does not have the same ring to it, I think.
    I love glass jars and store all kinds of edible goodies in half-gallon canning jars. Looking at them makes me happy and makes me feel all cozy and warm...everything from beans, pasta, dried fruit to grains to grind for bread.
    I do hope that you are having a wonderful weekend. I have been so behind reading your lovely blog.
    Best to you, E.

  3. I save glass jars too, and have been known to choose a certain coffee, or marmalade just because they have a nicer jar. I use them to store buttons, bows and flowers in my craft room, and I'm amassing a whole collection ready for Christmas .... for tealights and such like. Lots of ideas on Pinterest.
    I love the idea of jam in a mug too.

  4. Move over freezer jam - mug jam is here!

    I have a cupboard devoted to empty jam jars, and god forbid anyone uses a 'good' one for a utilitarian purpose...

  5. I love a jar too. Jars full of buttons and cotton reels and name labels. My husband once got in a lot of trouble for recycling one of my bonne maman jars - can you believe anyone would do such a thing?

  6. A lovely post that made me smile- I can definitely go along with all your ideas- But sometimes you never quite have one when you want one- I think your cup makes a good substitute:)

  7. You are SOOO funny. Your post read like a Billy Collins poem. Poetically writing about all the uses for your jars, then "there are no..." -- you made me laugh! I love jars -- we can use them for everything!

  8. Funnily enough I Googled " decorative Jam jars " the other day - such pretty ones filled with flowers like at my niece's wedding.
    Tea lights in jam jars are so pretty too. Hurrah for the simple jam jar !

  9. I love jars but the whole food and drink in jars fad on Pinterest makes me want to stab someone.

  10. Lots of jars here too, I've been known to have nothing to put the jam in as well.


  11. I have a thing for jars too. I keep all sorts in them from food to fiber, bits & bobs, trinkets and tools. Not sure about the jam in a mug though... not quite the same. The great thing about the jar is being able to see the goodie inside. ;o) Happy Day, Tess ((HUGS))


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