Friday, 8 November 2013

random photos

Good grief. Not blogging for a while is like not exercising for a while. The longer you leave it, the harder it is to get started again. You make reasons for not doing it: no time, it's raining, I can't find the camera lead, where are my trainers? and so on.
Enough is enough however, I haven't gone for a walk because I have not enough time and it's raining, and the camera needs charging AGAIN (next task is to email and complain about it....) so instead I've rummaged in my draft posts for random unloved photographs, to present you with a random selection of chaotic thoughts,  and to remind myself how to write.
First I present to you our new sign for the hallway.
As far I as I can tell we haven't fooled anyone yet.
Several people have laughed out loud.
That was not the response I was hoping for.

A dragonfly.
Other people manage to have nature tables where they present lovingly the findings of their outings in the countryside.
We have dead bugs.
Which horrify visiting children, and their mothers..........

A new tea set.
Well it's not new it's old. ish.

Baking. With hidden courgette.
"these scones don't taste like normal mummy"
there is no fooling a hungry boy.
he still ate three however,  thus I learnt to always time new and suspicious baking for when they just get home from school, and they are so tired and hungry they'll eat anything.
even courgettes!


  1. Hiding veg. I like it.
    Love the colour of your new, but old, tea set.

  2. I know what you mean. I have a hard time keeping up with my blog but I am finding it is a sort of therapy for me. Even if no one reads it at least I got it out. Love the dragon fly. That is one of my favorite bugs.

  3. I do love a collection of random thoughts and pictures. I think they are my favourite kind of blog post. Thank you!

  4. We have a dead dragonfly somewhere. The worrying thing is I am not quite sure where...
    I agree with Sue, random posts are GOOD! Ax

  5. Very clever baking mummy -- they look delicious. I love the saying -- but it's so much better with your description -- "not what I expected" made me laugh out loud!!!

  6. Ha ha we could do with a sign like that at Twiggy Towers

  7. I like your scheme for introducing vegetable-rich treats! And I like your new/old tea set, AND somehow I always think that dragonflies are not at all like the common dead insect. Once our family returned to our hot car after a hike to find a huge and perfectly baked and preserved dragonfly by the window above the back seat. He was so beautiful we left him there for a long time.

  8. Your tea set is beautiful! And I think random thoughts is entirely the way to ease oneself back into blogging!

  9. Love the sign...I'd need to edit it....person rather than family. I don't bake any more but your baking looks yummy.

  10. Your dragon fly is beautiful even if it is slightly horrifying. - Annie

  11. Loving that sign - we are a 'normal family' too - honest!! xCathy

  12. The new and suspicious baking ... why did no one ever suggest to me to present it after school!

    And I have a deer skull on my kitchen window sill ... for some reason people seem to find that a bit freaky.

    Love the sign.


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